Raising the Bar

Art at the Case Study House+

BUILD shares an artist's vision for honoring the final days of a structure before demolition.

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Diagrams and the Power of Communication+

BUILD shares some exceptional diagrams from student work, raising the bar for students and professionals alike.

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Being a Professional Architect is about much more than just designing nice buildings+

Appalled by an example of poor business conduct, BUILD highlights 3 important principles of being a professional architect.

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A Manufacturer’s Guide to Website Design+

BUILD sheds light on the attributes of a good manufacturer website.

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Design Strategies For Flat-Screens+

BUILD uncovers strategies for designing with flat-screens.

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The Important Work of Connectors+

BUILD shares the work of one their favorite connectors in the design community.

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Designers On Our Radar+

BUILD tracks some local designers with a shared love of Scandinavia.

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When the building code contradicts common sense+

BUILD's take on a better, more purposeful building code.

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Design Goods for the Modernist+

BUILD's 2011 holiday gift guide. A resource for the design-lover and lovers of design-lovers.

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Supporting Urbanism Giveaway+

BUILD puts their money where their mouth is on the importance of urbanism.

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Baby Stuff for the Design Conscious+

The BUILDblog takes on household stuff for kids that keep the aesthetics in tune with mom and dad's design...

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The Fluorescent Lighting Challenge; An Invitation to the CFL Show-Down+

Send in your fluorescent bulbs and BUILD will test it in the CFL show-down.

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Rationale and Process: The work of Manifold Architecture Studio+

The rigorous process and clean work of Manifold Architecture Studio.

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Spec Writers Are Always in the Basement; A Case for Changing Specifications.+

Why traditional architectural specifications don't work and what to do about it.

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The Merits of Modern, Urban Condo Living+

BUILD lays down 10 of their favorite things about modern city living.

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Residential Entry Canopies+

The BUILDblog covers 8 types of residential entry canopies.

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The Beauty of Constraints+

BUILDblog covers 10 projects that turn difficult site conditions into inspiring design.

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Alpine Architecture+

BUILDblog covers 10 extreme buildings in alpine regions

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You Vote With Your Money+

BUILDblog picks for holiday shopping.

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University of Washington Lecture+

BUILD LLC lectures on sustainability at the UW and beats up the green movement a bit.

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Start-up Architecture+

The BUILDblog covers internet and social media start-up office design for a current project.

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Why Design-Build is So Good+

Ten reasons why Design-Build is an efficient and highly refined system.

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The Modern Birdhouse+

BUILDblog covers some modern living for our feathered friends

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The Architecture of Cremation+

The BUILDblog checks out the process of cremation and tours a gorgeous mausoleum designed and built in the 1950's.

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A Vocabulary List for Architects Who Want to Get Things Built+

The BUILDblog vocab list for architects and designers who want to keep both feet on the ground.

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Elderly Housing Design in Europe+

The BUILDblog throws a few tomatoes at American elderly housings and calls out some inspiring examples in Europe.

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Emergency Shelter; A Critical Test of Design+

The emergency shelter kit by Shelterbox is a well designed solution to disasters like the Haiti earthquake. The BUILDblog post...

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Gift Guide for the Persnickety Design-Types+

Designy-types are nearly impossible to buy gifts for, even without the pressures of holiday deadlines.  They’re an odd bunch, the...

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The (un)Professionals+

It goes without saying that times are tough for everyone –including architects.  With few potential job opportunities out there in...

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Back to school guide for architects+

It’s that time of year again; rural Universities have started classes and urban Universities will start soon.  Architecture school is...

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Raising the Bar #4: Urban Trees+

BUILD gets a firsthand look at a new urban development in Seattle's Central District neighborhood.

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