Lessons From London+

Design observations from BUILD's visit to London.

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24 May, 2016

A Residential Guide to Spray Foam Insulation+

BUILD reviews the use of spray foam insulation at the Case Study House 2016.

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17 May, 2016

Roof Terrace Design+

BUILD covers 5 important design considerations for rooftop living.

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10 May, 2016

Last Call (Evolutions in Social Media)+

BUILD says farewell to comments and gives readers the last word.

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3 May, 2016

How Long Does it Take to Design a Custom Home?+

BUILD addresses the timeline of single-family residential design.

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26 April, 2016

Lagom, in Life and in Architecture+

BUILD delves into the concept of lagom, which (in the U.S.) is easier done than said.

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19 April, 2016

The New Era of Architectural Embellishment+

BUILD offers a distinction between building and ornament in response to a new era of architecture.

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12 April, 2016

BUILD Status Report+

BUILD shares the newest adds to their website, both in project and people.

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5 April, 2016

The Hidden Beauty of Framing+

BUILD recites the secret poetics of architecture’s hardest worker.

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29 March, 2016

The Great Bandwidth Recession+

BUILD shares their tools for battle against lack of time, patience, and thoughtfulness.

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22 March, 2016

Diagramming for Complex Projects+

3 complex projects put BUILD's diagramming capabilities to the test.

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15 March, 2016

Architectural Rotations+

BUILD adds a twist to some of their latest designs.

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8 March, 2016

5 Reasons for Multigenerational Living+

BUILD brings the family back together.

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1 March, 2016

Designing Systems+

BUILD outlines why designing systems is just as important as designing houses.

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23 February, 2016

The BUILD Office+

BUILD gives the official interior tour of their new office.

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16 February, 2016

Case Study House Comparison+

BUILD reviews some surprising Case Study House similarities.

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9 February, 2016

The Function and Aesthetics of Cantilevers+

BUILD discusses the merits of hanging out with cantilevers.

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2 February, 2016

Original vs. Copy, A Case for Knock-offs+

BUILD reviews furniture examples where the knock-off might be more authentic than the original.

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26 January, 2016

Contextual Doesn’t Mean Copying+

BUILD takes a look at projects that honor the past by paying respect to context.

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19 January, 2016

Burnt vs. Stained+

BUILD experiments with treating exterior cedar siding.

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12 January, 2016

The Myth of the Gourmet Kitchen+

BUILD discusses why you don't need a gourmet kitchen to cook great food.

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5 January, 2016

BUILD Year in Review+

BUILD takes a look back at the past twelve months.

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29 December, 2015

Elevation Lessons From the Masters+

BUILD takes some important elevation design cues from 5 modern masters.

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22 December, 2015

Circumstances, Expectations and Trust; An Interview with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Part 2+

BUILD shares part 2 of their interview with Peter Bohlin and Ray Calabro of BCJ.

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15 December, 2015

The Importance of Interpretation+

BUILD cracks the code on cracking the building code.

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8 December, 2015

Scalable Modernism+

BUILD shares the top five modern strategies that work at all scales.

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24 November, 2015

Starvitecture is the New Starchitecture+

There are Architects. There are Starchitects. Then there are Starvitects.

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10 November, 2015

Affordability and Livability is in Our Hands+

BUILD discusses affordability, livability, density, and the real solution.

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27 October, 2015

What Seattle Can Learn From San Francisco: An Interview with Architect Jim Zack+

BUILD talks with Jim Zack about the urban planning and permitting lessons that San Francisco can offer.

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13 October, 2015

The Architecture of the Future is Layering+

BUILD takes a look at examples of layered urban architecture.

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6 October, 2015