[Original Photo by Alex Garland for Capitol Hill Seattle]

Each year, we publish our top picks for the latest places to eat and visit for the design-minded resident or visitor to our fine city. Now with the first of the summer holidays behind us, our city is in full tourist season mode, just in time to release our 11th edition of TML Seattle.

Honor Society Coffee / @honorsocietycoffee, 1531 Melrose Ave, 206.859.7554

[Image Credit: Honor Society Coffee]

 Union Coffee / @unioncoffeeseattle, 2407 Union Street B, 206.577.7953

[Image Credit: Union Coffee Seattle]

 Moonshot Coffee / @moonshotcoffee, 9622 16th Ave SW

[Image Credit: Moonshot Coffee]

 Royal Drummer Cafe / @royaldrummer, 6420 24th Ave NW, 206.420.7723

[Image Credit: Anna Brones for Sprudge]

Mr. West Cafe Bar / @mrwestdrinks, 720 Olive Way, 206.900. 9378

[Image Credit: Mr. West Cafe Bar]

 Mean Sandwich / @meanseattle, 1510 NW Leary Way, 206.789.9999

[Image Credit: Mean Sandwich]

 Wanderfish Poke / @wanderfishpoke, 1620 Broadway

[Image Credit: Wanderfish Poke]

Nirmal’s / @nirmalsseattle, 106 Occidental Ave S, 206.388.2196

[Image Credit: Nirmal’s]

 Marmite / @marmiteseattle, 1424 11th Ave, 206.755.8606

[Image Credit: Marmite]

 Harry’s Fine Foods / @harrysfinefoods, 600 Bellevue Ave E, 206.328.7349

[Image Credit: Harry’s Fine Foods]

Junebaby / @junebabysea, 2122 Northeast 65th St, 206.257.4470

[Image Credit: Junebaby]

 M Bar / @mbarsea, 400 Fairview Ave N, 206.457.8287

[Image Credit: M Bar]

The Sovereign / @sovereignseattle, 119 1st Ave S, 206.257.4655

[Image Credit: Megan Hill for Eater Seattle]

Nook, 2206 California Ave SW Suite A / @thenookseattle, 206.420.7414

[Image Credit: West Seattle Blog]

 Frankie & Jo’s / @frankieandjos, 1010 E Union St, 206.257.1676

[Image Credit: Frankie & Jo’s]

 Sugar Plum / @sugarplumseattle, 324 15th Ave E, 206.709.3842

[Image Credit: Sugar Plum]

Non-Breaking Space / @builtbycivilization, 532 1st Ave S, 206.965.8952

[Image Credit: Gayle Clemans for The Seattle Times]

 HyBrid Space / @hybridarc, 1205 E Pike, 206.267.9277

[Image Credit: HyBrid Space]

Peter Miller Books / @petermillerbooks, 304 Alaskan Way S, 206.441.4144

[Image Credit: Peter Miller Books]

 JOIN Shop / @shop_join, 400 Fairview Avenue N Suite 102

[Image Credit: Erin Dollar for Cotton & Flax]

 RIZOM / @rizom.us, 2316 2nd Ave, 206.441.7541

[Image Credit: Charlie Schuck for Sight Unseen]

Velouria / @hellovelouria, 145 S King St, 206.788.0330

[Image Credit: @kordalknitwear]

 edit. / @editwhidbey, 306 1st Street #101, Langley WA, 360.384.0045

[Image Credit: edit.]

 The End. / @theendbainbridge, 130 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA, 206.842.2625

[Image Credit: The End.]

 Thompson Hotel / @thompsonseattle, 1100 Stewart St, 206.623.4600

[Image Credit: Thompson Seattle]

 Lodges on Vashon / @thelodgesonvashon, 17205 Vashon Hwy SW, 206.693.3750

[Image Credit: Lodges on Vashon]

 NorthEdge by Perkins + Will, 1621 N 34th St

[Image Credit: Perkins + Will]

 Anhalt Apartments by Public 47, 1600 E John St

[Image Credit: Lara Swimmer for Public 47]

 Amazon Biosphere by NBBJ, 2117 7th Ave

[Image Credit: Seattle PI]

 Pacman Park at Arcade Plaza, 110 Summit Ave E

[Image Credit: Jeremy Gonzalez for Seattle Met]

 Oxbow Park,6430 Corson Ave S

[Image Credit: AFAR]

 Design Lecture Series by Civilization / @builtbycivilization, bi-monthly, Seattle Central Library, free

[Image Credit: Civilization]

 ARCADE Magazine Launch Party / @arcade_nw, quarterly, venues vary, suggested $20

[Image Credit: Michael Stearns for ARCADE]

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