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This post marks the 10 year anniversary of the BUILD Blog. A decade ago this exact week, we launched our very first post. By the end of the month, we’d posted our first of many essays, revealing the heart behind why we started blogging in the first place. Over the past 10 years, the blog has gone through several evolutions. We’ve redesigned it, refocused it, removed the comments section, etc. It’s an ever-evolving endeavor. The blog has served as a space for conversation, sharing, community, information, and humor. And ultimately, we’ve found its highest usefulness comes directly by sharing not just what we’re doing, but how we are accomplishing things.

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Now, approaching this significant milestone in the BUILD Blog’s history, our mission statement we shared five years ago remains as true now as then: make architecture accessible, create a culture of sharing, advance possibility, foster sensibility, and have fun. By building upon this legacy, we have yet another opportunity to sharpen our focus. In this next chapter of the BUILD Blog, we’ll be sharing a series of BUILD Guides, one-page snapshots of a real detail successfully implemented on real projects. The first of the series, on parapets, is included here.

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We’ll continue to share the occasional essay and circulate cultural pieces from time to time, but the BUILD Blog will continue to focus on the technicalities of modern design in the built-environment. And as always, we approach this by tapping into our decades-long knowledge of detailed construction, our drive to do the things that need doing, using our projects as a laboratory, and sharing all that with our partners in the process and our peers in the community.

Over the years, we’ve heard from many souls that the content we share helps in many ways. And we love getting that feedback. And for each person we hear from, there are many others who feel similarly, but simply don’t reach out. We’ve been committed to an ad-free, content rich blog for the past ten years, and we plan to continue on that course. However, we have a request for readers out there who have found value in our blog: If you’ve benefited from reading the BUILD Blog, please send your large checks to BUILD LLC.
Just kidding.

August also happens to mark one of our favorite charitable events. The S2V charity bike ride gets our community out on two wheels, crossing international borders for a good cause each year. If you’ve found value from reading the BUILD Blog, we ask that your thanks to us is expressed in contributing to this year’s charity. We’ve partnered with Team Gleason and created a goal to raise $40K for their inspired and on-going efforts for folks with ALS. Even a modest amount goes a long way; every dollar counts. If you can give $250 or more we will recognize your generosity on our social media platforms. Link to donate here.

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Members of the BUILD team have had friends and family ravaged by ALS, and in watching the documentary (available on Amazon and itunes), we, along with our S2V crew, were moved to do something about it. Here is your chance to share in our current do-gooding and build some good karma together.

Thank you for following our blog, sharing with us, contributing to a better built environment, and for sharing in our mission to help Team Gleason.

Cheers from Team BUILD