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From the earliest days, BUILD has operated with the clear intention of being generalists in an increasingly specialized world and working within a framework of adaptability and agility, with a focus on action. We are a service-based company with the primary goal of championing our client’s interests while, in the old adage, striving to leave each (client, place, relationship) better than we found it.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” -R. Buckminster Fuller

As a firm, we’ve created many projects, weathered many storms, fostered many relationships and have made numerous incremental adjustments in our approach and our identity. As with any enterprise, we’ve gone through shifts in the past, and recently, we identified an opportunity to sharpen our focus and make changes to improve our firm. With a renewed focus of our internal team and on how to best serve our clients in a rapidly changing Pacific Northwest, we’ve updated our public interface to be better rooted in our history, identity, and commitment.

At our core, and throughout our history, we’ve grounded ourselves in integrity. It is and has been the defining characteristic of our company, culture, relationships and work. And it’s what guides us as we move and grow and evolve. Integrity defines who we are, and operates as the principle on which every decision is weighed and every action is measured. It connects everything we do, from the very first conversation we have with a client to the final walk through of a finished project.

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Remaining generalists in a world of specialization is not without its challenges. Yet, we’ve found in our most challenging projects, that we can leverage our expertise to achieve successful outcomes in quality, time, and dollars spent. After nearly two decades, we’ve accumulated a deep knowledge base in construction with many diverse resources, created strong relationships for project teams, and solidified a culture of getting the job done with high value. And, we remain committed to a positive impact on the built environment through realized projects (staying aligned with the inspiration for our name “BUILD”), utilizing our systems and depth of construction knowledge to be most effective as we team with sharp consultants, skilled contractors, and our trusting clients.

As we reground ourselves in the values we’ve fostered over 19 years, we refreshed our website and our logo. In response to our evolving clients and environment that requires ever more thoughtful building solutions, we have made each page on our website more dynamic and informative. We understand that our clients choose us since we are service and results-oriented, and our website is now laid out to more clearly demonstrate the outcome of each project.

[BUILD Logo by RMB Vivid]

As for our logo, after a decade with the current icon and with some introspective discussion among the team, it became clear to us that our logo needed an overhaul. With a large portfolio of completed projects, we’re making deliberate changes to our approach, and a new graphic language, in the form of a logo, was required. We chose to stay with our tried and true BUILD orange, but liberated the ‘b’ from its box and boiled the logo down to its essence. In keeping with our systematic approach to serving clients and their projects, we enjoy that the new logo is itself the building block for each line and curve of a project. And, serendipitously, we found that the simple line and curve can be used to literally construct the name of our company. They represent everything we need and nothing more. The simplicity of the form and flexibility of its application resonated strongly for us, and we look forward to having fun with the new icon.

We want to give a big thanks to our internal team who are each playing a critical role in creating the firm we are. We also want to thank our friends at Curvejumping for their work on helping us refresh our vision and framework, and RMB Vivid for their work on our revitalized branding and logo development. We highly value our relationships with creative groups that exhibit passion and integrity in their work and life. And last but never least, a huge thanks to our clients, for their trust and support, as we remain committed to serving them well for years to come.

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Cheers from Team BUILD