BUILD Out in the World

New cabinets and furniture+

BUILD LLC's SPD cabinet + furniture shop launches a new line, an online shop and a showroom.

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Being Effective+

Team BUILD rides 186 miles from Seattle to Vancouver for Shelterbox.

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TEXTURES: Giveaway+

Send in some photos and help define the TEXTURE of Seattle.

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Urban TEXTURES: San Francisco+

BUILDblog captures some cool textures from a recent San Francisco trip.

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Keep At It+

The BUILDblog covers some cool events happening around Shelterbox.

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An Architecture of Lightness+

The BUILDblog looks at the poetics of a rainforest boardwalk.

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A new movement of grit and imperfection is making design more tactile.

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Rural TEXTURES: Alaska+

The BUILDblog turns a lens toward texture on Alaska's west coast.

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TML Anchorage+

BUILDblog kicks the tires on Anchorage Alaska and finds some fantastic modern architecture.

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The Architect and the Urn+

BUILD presents a design for a modern urn.

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Good Design Is Everywhere+

The BUILDblog heads to the farm for some timeless industrial design.

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Urban TEXTURES: Manhattan+

The BUILDblog documents some of the urban texture and color from a recent NYC trip.

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Promotion for Architects and Designers+

An effective ration between the input of resources vs. promotional output for architects and designers.

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Sketching is about more than sketching+

The BUILDblog gets some travel sketches up on the web and discusses why it's so important for designers to...

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Digital Tools for the New Age of Travel+

Some recent digital tools BUILD LLC and The Modern List have been using to make travel quicker, cheaper and more...

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The Experience of Art Deco Design+

The BUILDblog kicks the tires on Art Deco Miami and concludes that it's just as much about experience as...

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Art, Wine and Solutions+

Join us on Thursday, February 4th at Picnic in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood for art, wine and a great way...

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Keeping the Character+

Throughout our travels over the last several years a couple of places really impressed us with their adherence to community...

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We spend a great deal of time searching on the internet and it’s always interesting when the research congeals into...

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The Importance of Getting Out There+

There’s this notion in architecture that if you just sit there at your desk long enough doing great design you’ll...

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AIA Seattle 2009 Honor Awards+

Seattle’s American Institute of Architects held their 59th annual Honor Awards on Monday night and team BUILD was there getting...

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Young Architects Day (YAD)+

The BUILD Young Architect’s Day is a year old now and its time to throw another.  With the flood of...

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Digital Explorations+

[Cutler Residence by Murdock Young Architects, Photo by Micheal Moran] With the architecture industry picking up, we’re getting our digital...

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UW 2009 Fall Lecture Series+

We were going to steer you toward all the great lectures coming to the University of Washington this fall but...

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The Architecture of Discretion+

Several weeks ago we spent some time in northern California and as far as we’re concerned Joseph Phelps Vineyards is...

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Architecture and Purity+

[MARCO photo by leckan18] We recently spent some time down in Monterrey Mexico, and although it’s the country’s third largest...

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Active Silence+

BUILD reflects on the architecture of active silence.

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Get Your Hands Dirty+

BUILD and SPD delve into the value and satisfaction of making things by hand.

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On Assignment+

BUILD uncovers some gorgeous Barcelona-based residential projects.

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Evolutions in Graffiti+

BUILD encounters the changing nature of street art during some recent travels.

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Open Letter to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum+

BUILD shares some suggestions with Cooper-Hewitt for future exhibits.

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Letter to BUILD+

A few weeks ago we received an email from a very talented young architect in training that we interviewed several...

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