[Image Credit: BUILD LLC]

Here at BUILD, we’re big proponents of being generalists and gaining hands-on experience wherever we can get it. It’s been a theme we’ve returned to time and again and have recently found another inspiration for doing so. The fine folks at Taliesin West offered to host us for a couple of days and we jumped at the opportunity. We were given a warm introduction by Aris, a member of Taliesin’s faculty, and stayed on campus in the former home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s daughter. 

Our taste of the unique communal lifestyle at Taliesin involved delicious meals prepared by Chef Safari and students, fantastic conversation, and free rein to roam the grounds, which also happen to be one of the last nature preserves in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. We were honored to share in the community, which demonstrates the best aspects of cooperative living. It was truly a highlight to see the collaborative nature of the students, faculty, residents, and staff. All that was asked of us in return was that we give a presentation one evening. We’ll take that trade any day.

[Image Credit: Taliesin West]

Taliesin students split the year between the original campus in Wisconsin and Taliesin West. As part of their training, students have the opportunity to design and construct shelters. Typically, students inhabit the shelters while working on them—spending the winter in the desert makes this possible—and we have to tip our hats to the students who choose to take on this extra challenge. In our walkabout, we were delighted to see the range of creative expression and commitment that the students put into these projects. Thoughtful, challenging, inspired. We just couldn’t help but pull out the camera and document some of this work. Forgive us for the raw nature of the photos, the iPhone was all we had. We hope you find a slice of enjoyment in these shelters.


It’s a little known fact that Kevin apprenticed with the master architect himself—as well as starting the fashion trend of architects wearing black.

Thanks again to our hosts at Taliesin West.

Cheers, TeamBUILD