Whew, what a busy new year it’s been. We’re coming up for air and we can’t imagine a better opportunity to share what we’ve been up to so far in 2012.

Design is wrapping up on the Beaux Arts House and we’re submitting for permit soon. The modern home reuses an existing foundation and is set within a forested landscape. Stay tuned for some serious coverage on this one.

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A couple of commercial T.I.’s completed recently – a small phase for CreativeLIVE and a new location for Society Consulting.  Stay tuned for the next phase of CreativeLIVE’s expansion this late winter.

[Image Credit: Creative Live]

A couple of mid-century moderns are currently in the design process; we’re retaining the exceptional character of these residences and giving them another 50 years of life.

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The BUILD prototype house is almost ready to go public, keep your ears to the rails.

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The Master Use Permit and Building Permit for one of favorite non-profits, Coyote Central, is just about complete and they’ll soon have an expanded shop space.

[Image Credit: Coyote Central]

The owners are moved into the Queen Anne Residence and living the modern lifestyle.

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Siding is underway on the Bellevue Residence as interior finishes are going in.

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The Des Moines MCM remodel has started.  Hats off to the Des Moines Building and Planning Department- not only do they treat their customers with great respect and have a streamlined permit process, they go so far as to publish their inspectors daily schedules on-line so that you know exactly when they will show up for your scheduled inspection (in lieu of, how shall we say, having us waste a chunk of our day waiting around).  Des Moines is a class act- every other western Washington building department may want to take note…

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The Hilltop MCM project is permitted and ready for construction.

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The SPD shop is cranking away on the boxes for the Bellevue Residence.

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We thoroughly enjoy contributing to our favorite design publication, Arcade Magazine, and we’ve been talking with some exceptional architects for our interview series. The Will Bruder piece will appear in the upcoming spring issue. The launch party at ZAAZ will be exceptional and if you’re in the Seattle area, stop by and say hi. More info here.

[Image Credit: Arcade]

[Image Credit: Residential Architect]

We recently interviewed Nader Tehrani of NADAAA and chair of MIT’s architecture department for an upcoming issue, and we’ll be speaking with John Ronan of John Ronan Architects and IIT next.

[Image Credit: architectureforbreakfast.com]

[Image Credit: Chicago Tribune]

The Seattle Times ran a sharp piece on the Innis Arden Remodel a couple of months ago. Big thanks to writer and architectural go-getter Rebecca Teagarden.

[Image Credit: Ben Schneider]

A meaty piece in December’s Residential Architect includes an interview with BUILD on the new architecture of social media.

[Image Credit: Residential Architect]

Earlier in January, Custom Home Magazine launched BUILD’s online seminar about social media for architects and designers. Check it out here.

[Image Credit: Custom Home Magazine]

Spring is taking BUILD on a mini-lecture tour. We’ll be speaking at Taliesen West at the tail end of March and then at the Meeting in the Mountains in Billings Montana in April.

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[Image Credit: Billings Architectural Association]

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