The design and construction process is lengthy and demanding; every step of the way has its own set of challenges and goals. And while a typical schedule is filled with time-sensitive and carefully sequenced events, there is one event that might be the most important of them all. Nope, it’s not making sure to schedule the framing inspection prior to insulating (although that’s an important one). Nor is it making sure that the electrician runs their in-floor conduits prior to pouring that exposed concrete slab (also important). Nope, it doesn’t have anything to do with permits or power tools. One of the most important events on our schedule is—wait for it—throwing a party. Yup, a good old party. Rounding everyone up and sharing some good food, drink, and conversation doesn’t just make for an enjoyable evening, though. A well-timed party has many important purposes. Here’s our top 10:

1. The most important of them all: A party allows us to thank the owners for their business. It acknowledges their patience throughout the process, and best of all it allows us to express how privileged we feel that the homeowners went on the adventure of design and construction with us. We’re truly honored.

2. A party is a great way to thank the neighbors for putting up with a bit of noise, the occasional mess and the frequent delivery trucks. Neighbors are typically curious about how the project turned out and always appreciate a peek inside the finished product.

[All photos by BUILD LLC]

3. A party allows past clients to see what we’re up to and how we’re doing. It allows new and potential clients to kick the tires on a project hot off the press. Our clients (past, present and future) tend to be design savvy and they’re typically ready with lots of good questions for us. What better opportunity is there to address those questions than while walking through the 1:1 scale model?

4. A party helps build community. Clients meet each other, they trade construction stories, and compare notes. Potential clients suddenly have a new resource: homeowners who have already been through the process with us. These social gatherings start to shape a tribe of people with a common design consciousness.

5. A party celebrates and formalizes the act of officially handing the house over to the homeowners.

6. A party gives the trades a very real deadline to shoot for. Who wants to be the last trade to drag themselves across the finish line?

7. A party allows everyone at the office and cabinet shop to see the finished products that we work so hard for. It’s a great time for the team to catch up and get our eyeballs on some built work.

8. A party allows us to get finished photos of the work with people in them—lots of people. We build architecture for people and the stale shots of people-less architecture never quite captures the poetry of good design in our opinion.

9. A party is a good opportunity for your friends at newspapers and magazines to take a tour of the house.

10. Parties are fun.

This last week, a couple of extremely gracious homeowners allowed BUILD to host a party at their home which we just completed. It was a ton of fun and we were able to show it off to friends, family and clients. It also reminded us of something important: as proud as we are of the architecture, the finished product is simply an extension of an extraordinary community of people. And it’s so important, it’s worth throwing a party.

Cheers from team BUILD