BUILD is gearing up to speak at the AIA Billings annual Meeting in the Mountains Conference next week, and it looks like we’ll be in good company. The firms joining the stage for the main event include Luis Ibarra and Teresa Rosano of Ibarra Rosano Design Architects out of Tuscon and Randy Brown of Randy Brown Architects based in Omaha. We’ve enjoyed reading up on the work of these firms. They’re making a marked modern impact in their respective regions; maneuvering within the grains of context and creating their own opportunities when none might otherwise exist.  If you haven’t already gotten wind of these practices, consider this your introduction. And if you plan on attending the conference, we’ll see you there.

Ibarro Rosano Design Architects Tuscon AZ

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[Image Source: Residential Architect]

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects have gained significant recognition for their desert modern architecture since the start of their practice in 1999. The thoughtful, responsive, and disciplined focus on simplicity—which is both a design-driver and expression of their tidy practice—has served them well. Along with Page Repp and Jerry and Desi Winter, their architecture practice is complemented by their development venture, Dreamspace, aiming to invigorate urban renewal and infill housing in central Tuscon.

Garcia Residence

[Image Source: Ibarra Rosano]

Downing Residence

Six Courtyard Houses

Moltz Landscape

Fashion Boutique

Randy Brown Architects Omaha NE

[Image Source: Architect Magazine]

[Image Source: Architect Magazine]

Initially starting up his practice in Los Angeles in 1989, Brown returned to his hometown in Nebraska to form RBA in 1993. Coupling his architecture training with  familial connections in real estate and development, Randy Brown co-founded Quantum Quality Real Estate. Instead of resisting or denying the forces of the suburban mainstay, the strip mall, Brown has leveraged the platform to create unique projects and desirable tenant spaces. The work coming out of his design firm, Randy Brown Architects, balances projects in the cultural, brand identity, and residential realms, with his personal home functioning as a working laboratory of his ideas.

Kent Bellows Studio and Center for Visual Arts

[Image Source: Randy Brown Architects]

Laboratory House

Elm House



Cheers, from TeamBUILD