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Your favorite websites+

It’s time for a new website here at BUILD llc. We got some good mileage out of our clunky Flash...

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The Process of Architecture+

BUILD describes the full process of how architecture comes together.

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Finnish Door Handles+

In trying to attain ever greater levels of design geek-dom, we think we’ve done it this time.  That’s right, door...

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BUILDblog break+

August marks a year of the BUILD blog and it’s time for us to take a little breather. Thanks to...

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Heating Systems for Small Homes+

Most of the projects we work on incorporate forced air heating systems. But these systems aren’t always the most effective...

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Modern Toasters+

While toasters seem like a trivial design element, the fact of the matter is that they’re usually out on the...

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Masters of Industrial Design+

Today’s post documents two industrial designer heroes of ours. While independent of one another they have developed similar aesthetic vocabularies...

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Graffiti and Cities+

[Photo by Joe Schell] If the graffiti in Seattle were to be graded it would acquire something in the realm...

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Quotes on Design+

Quotes are infectious things in the design world. A good quote is often more timeless than the work it speaks...

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NYC Diagrams+

In spirit of heading to Manhattan, today’s blog features some sexy diagramming, mapping and visual measures from New York City....

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A New Visual Language for Architecture+

Each generation of architects seems to establish their own language of visual presentation. The crisp graphite lines and dramatic perspective...

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Recent Materials + Products+

Recently BUILD finished up a nice little condominium interior which introduces several new products to the palette. We’ve put together...

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On the Radar+

While we’re putting together some upcoming themes we thought we’d post a few items currently on the BUILD radar, enjoy…...

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Objects for the Home+

We thought we’d do a Friday show-n-tell today and get some work up that we did back in college. One...

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Simple, modern light fixtures+

Very few things are as discouraging to us as over-design. It’s depressing to know that somebody out there worked extra...

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The Commodity of Cool: Reinventing the concept of shopping+

A couple of good buddies have been feeding us high-end, design concept shops like Third-Ave crack dealers. Thanks to Brian,...

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Trade Websites+

In designing, specifying, and building our projects we wade through a tremendous amount of crap out there on the internet....

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The Year in Ideas: Diagrams+

Each year the New York Times magazine releases their “Year in Ideas” issue. This catalog of 70 important ideas from...

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Re-thinking Construction Documents+

A simple definition of “construction documents” could be – graphic instructions which show how physical things go together. In architecture...

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Simple, modern furniture+

A few years ago, on one of the BUILD Manhattan field trips, we stumbled upon a great exhibit at the...

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Student Work from WSU+

We like to keep tabs on academics and fortunately for us we’ve got our senior intern correspondent, Thomas ‘Duff’ Bangs,...

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With the holidays upon us it typically frees up a little time to revisit some favorite books – if nothing...

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This past week the BUILD world headquarters seemed inundated with telemarketing phone calls. We figured it was time to revisit...

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Hot Furnishing Showrooms around the world+

Occasionally in our travels we come across items that simply shouldn’t be missed out there. They are almost destination points...

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Modern BBQs+

The new decks here at the Park Modern Building are begging for hot, modern barbeques – and even though it’s...

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The Architecture of Aeon Flux+

Aeon Flux is a film from 2005 that depicted a future civilization and along with it some rocket-hot modernism. The...

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Herkimer Coffee, Seattle+

Herkimer Coffee joins BUILD and Ten Pachi to round out the commercial space at the Park Modern.

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Modern, urban bicycles+

Having just moved our homes and office into the Park Modern, located in Seattle’s urban but eclectic University District, some...

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Studio pH exhibit+

We were hoofing it downtown the other day when we passed the AIA storefront here in Seattle and saw that...

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