While toasters seem like a trivial design element, the fact of the matter is that they’re usually out on the countertop and fully visible in most kitchens. A well designed toaster can be a pleasing sculptural element – while a poorly designed model can look like a steaming pile of design dog doo. So go the distance with your hot, modern kitchen and park one of these sleek toasters on the counter. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite models as well as a few concepts that caught our attention.

Some very simple toasters with minimal knobs and accessories:

Aluminum Toaster HD2618 by Philips, $137.00

Rowenta Electric Toaster Designed by Jasper Morrison, $150.00

Trabo Block Toaster Designed by Piero Russi

Trabo Toast Designed by Gae Aulenti

Toaster, designed by Naota Fukasawa
For more of Fukasawa’s work check out our post on Masters of Industrial Design

Flat Toaster TP-2006 x by Fagor, $62.00

A toaster with the bling factor of 200 Swarovski crystals:
Crystal-Encrusted Toaster, Neiman Marcus, by Russell Hobbs, $300.00

Siemens TT9110 Porsche Toaster by Porsche Design Studio
They create beautiful cars, they must create a beautiful toaster that toasts your bread to perfection.

Transparent Toaster by Inventables Concept Studio

Dyson Toaster by David Chacon

There are also a few horizontally fed toasters in the conceptual stage:

Mool Toaster Designed by Atil Kizilbayir

Glide Toaster Designed by George Watson

And of course a toaster inspired by Gehry must break away from the box:
Gehry Toaster Designed by Olivier Gregoire, Inspired by Frank Gehry