Thanks to those of you supplying our addiction to modern design and culture, there’s been no lack of great links finding their way to the BUILDblog.  Today’s On the Radar, BUILD’s every-couple-of-weeks synopsis of what we’re up to, should keep you busy over the holidays.

Our new favorite design blog is the oh-so slick Contemporist.  Forward thinking and inspiring, we’re not sure how we got by without it.
-thanks to senior field correspondent Josiah


It’s that time of year again.  Each December the hard working peeps at the New York Times Magazine send us the “Year in Ideas” issue  <cut to visual of team BUILD frothing at the mouth>.  You can have the hard copy when we’re done with it – until then, the digital version oughta tide you over.

Currently we’re reading Tribes by Seth Godin, and we highly recommend getting a copy in your hands.  As per Wikipedia:
“Godin combines three elements in his writings. First, the end of the ‘TV-Industrial complex’ means that marketers no longer have the power to command the attention of anyone they choose, whenever they choose. Second, in a marketplace in which consumers have more power, marketers must show more respect; this means no spam, no deceit and a bias for keeping promises. Finally, Godin asserts that the only way to spread the word about an idea is for that idea to earn the buzz by being remarkable. ”


The short film “My Playground” by Kaspar Astrup Schröder does a phenomenal job of exploring architecture and human interaction.  BIG’s recent Mountain Dwelling project provides the backdrop as Team Jiyo bounces around the space like a couple of pin-balls.
-thanks to Kai-Uwe Bergmann

Bjerget MTN Dwelling



We’re big fans of the TED conference and Sir Ken Robinson’s speech “Do schools kill creativity?” has it all.  It’s informative, forward thinking, it challenges the status quo and he’s got that English gentleman sense of humor.  Robinson’s theory is that Intelligence is diverse and dynamic and creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.  Cheers to that.

Digital SLR cameras are commonplace, HDR photography is accessible to the masses and cameras are crossing over into the moving image.  With visual design blogs becoming the most informative source in our industry (at least for us), photography has never been more important as a tool for communication.  With that said, we’re always keeping a pulse on photography blogs and websites.  Recently we checked out Vincent Laforet’s uber-slick photography website and his New York Times “Lens” series was just the dose of Manhattan we needed.
-thanks to B.J.


For those of you in the Seattle area, the Henry Art Gallery is currently showing Richard Misrach’s show “On the Beach”, a PHENOMINAL series of large format color photographs.  Get your eyeballs over there before January 18th and support one of the better art venues in town.


As part of the new BUILD marketing package (to be released soon) we redesigned our logo and had a ton of fun doing so with Bill Reilly Design.


From Bill’s profile:
“Bill Reilly Design specializes in design solutions that compliment your branding efforts through creative services such as design, art direction, and electronic production. Bill Reilly Design is located in Seattle, Washington and has experience in creating advertising, brochures, logos, packaging, point of purchase displays, booth graphics and other creative ideas.”

If you’re looking at some new, hot branding strategies we recommend you give Bill Reilly a shout.  Check out some of his previous work here (600kb PDF).

Parador has released a new material called Laminat TrendTime 2 which emulates the color, texture and weathering of fruit and wine boxes.  While the material is marketed as a flooring application it seems like it has wider applications for walls and ceilings.
-thanks to senior field correspondent Josiah


As we’re designing up a cool modern house in Magnolia we’re looking into all the current products that make residential design so much fun.  We’ve been specifying Montigo fireplaces lately and have been very happy with the clean unobtrusive look of their steel and glass “fire-boxes”.  You can eighty-six the fake wood logs and, instead, install a bed of black shiny stones – hot.  If only their website was a clean and well designed as the product.


Here’s your coolio architect fix for the day, straight from the Netherlands (big surprise there I’m sure)
-provided by senior field correspondent Josiah


If you want an empty lot or a new house, building on a steep slope in Seattle is one of the few ways to do so these days.  Subsequently architects are getting very good at design applications for steep slopes and northwest hillside architecture is leading to some very handsome projects.  Architect Tim Hossner recently completed a residence at 4135 21st Ave SW in West Seattle that got our attention.  It’s also on the market and being listed by Bear’s Head LLC.
-thanks to John Nuler at Bear’s Head LLC


For those of you, like us, looking to build cost-effective modern homes the 100k house program will be of interest to you. The blog outlines “an attempt to build a modern and green home in Philly for $100,000 in construction costs”.
-thanks to Chris


…and what would a BUILDblog post be without poking fun at us architects.  Recently U.S. News published an article on the most overrated careers, one of which being architecture.  “When screenwriters give a hero a career, it’s often architecture”.

We learned of some good news that one of our favorite shops, Great Stuff, in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood has their website up and running.  Check it out here – or better yet, get down there and support a great design business.


Cheers! and we’ll see you in the new year.