August marks a year of the BUILD blog and it’s time for us to take a little breather. Thanks to this amazing community for the last year – we’ve had a lot of fun with the blog. We’re off to Scandinavia to soak up some design, so while we’re out here’s a few items to get your eyeballs on:

The American Institute of Architects
here in Seattle is putting on a show titled “New Edge New Blood: A Dozen Firms Shaping the Future of Seattle Architecture”, and as it turns out – we’re in it. Go check out the show from August 12 to September 26 downtown at 1911 First Ave.

In spirit of the European design gods to the north: Stockholm New has been around for years, but it’s still one of the most gorgeous sites on the web. It’s worth a coffee break:

A cool design and furniture website that should be on your radar is Studiomama – thanks to Josiah for the heads up on this one

The “Home Delivery” exhibit at MOMA surveys the history of prefab homes and includes 5 full scale models a couple doors down from the museum.

While you’re in Manhattan head uptown for the Buckminster Fuller show at the Whitney.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the low-down on the Scandinavian design scene, pickled herring and Abba tribute bands…