We like to keep tabs on academics and fortunately for us we’ve got our senior intern correspondent, Thomas ‘Duff’ Bangs, wrapping up his master degree in architecture at Washington State University. Duff struck us as a talented and unassuming designer from the get-go and we were quick to put him to work during his summers. Today’s blog entry highlights Duff’s work over the course of his undergraduate and graduate work at W.S.U. including his role in the national solar decathlon competition. W.S.U is a good solid state school known for producing hard working architects who have both feet on the ground. Don’t get any ideas, Duff’s packing up all those big fancy degrees and heading straight west to the BUILD world headquarters upon completion. Hats off to you Duff, you’ve done a great job in school and we look forward to working with you.


Solar Decathlon WSU


Compass Holder

Ferry Terminal

House for a Rock Star

Mixed Use

Prefab House

House for an Insomniac Smoker

Spokane River Winery

Warming Hut