While we’re putting together some upcoming themes we thought we’d post a few items currently on the BUILD radar, enjoy…

Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Studio Buildout
Good friend Chase Jarvis has recently completed a very handsome build-out of his photography studio with SKB Architects. Being the thorough photographer that he is, he’s put together a 4,000 photo documentation of the process. Rarely is a project so well captured throughout construction – all the way down to stocking the bar. Check out the photomontage here.

Studio Buildout
[All photos by Chase Jarvis Photography]

Feltron 2007 Annual Report
Each year the graphic design guru Nicholas Felton produces a brilliant diagrammatic summary of his life. The 07 version recently emerged and he still has a few copies left, get yours here.

Feltron 07 Report

Feltron 07 Report
[Images by Nicholas Felton]

Henrybuilt steel table
We just learned that Henrybuilt offers a steel & wood table in whatever size you want, perfect for that custom proportioned dining room. The top is available in a variety of woods including walnut, rift-cut white oak, teak and wenge. Top is also available in Durat or Corian. More info here.

Henrybuilt table
[Photo by Henrybuilt]

Synesso Espresso Machines
Our buddy Todd Lawson, architect for Herkimer Coffee, sent over some info about the gorgeous espresso machines Synesso makes right here in Seattle. A chat with the barista over at Herkimer confirmed that they are the Cadillac of espresso machines and function as good as they look. With the Synesso machines each espresso head can be individually controlled for temperature and time – much better for those ristretto pulls. The mechanics of Synesso machines are manual – leaving the quality of the espresso in the hands of your trusted barista.

Synesso Espresso Machine

Synesso Assembly Line
[Photos by Synesso]

Lego Ice-Cube trays
Ours are already in the mail and we’ll let you know how that gin & tonic tastes over an icy cold stack of Lego bricks. Get yours here.

Lego Ice Cube Trays
[Photo by LEGO]