Today’s post documents two industrial designer heroes of ours. While independent of one another they have developed similar aesthetic vocabularies and their design philosophies relate to the entire spectrum of design. We’ll keep our words to a minimum as the designs objects themselves (and method of photography) communicate the ideas very clearly.

Naoto Fukasawa (born 1956 in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan)

Muji wall-hung CD player, 1999

Cloud Sofa, 2006

Maruni small dining table and chairs, 2008

INAX Tile light, 1998

Toaster, 2007

Seiko Message watch, 1997

[Image from Design for the 21st Century by Charlotte and Peter Fiell]

Dieter Rams (born 1932 in Wiesbaden Germany)

LE1 Loudspeaker, 1959

Braun T41, 1959

Tecnoline DRD 99 Ni matt, 1999 & FSB Door handle, 1989

RHA desklight, 1981

Pocket radio T3, 1958

620 Chair Programme, ~1966

The ten points essential to the design philosophy of Dieter Rams can be found at Metropolis Magazine or Vitsoe. Wallpaper also has a nice gallery of additional work.