It has taken us 17 months to finally finish our own office here at the Park Modern, but that gave us a little time to focus our industrious nature on the task. Through our good buddy Chris, we were able to obtain some unused perforated metal material that was going to be scrapped from a local project. Keeping this in mind, we employed the same tricks we use to keep our client’s budgets reasonable on our own space- finding reusable or discounted materials and finding a way to turn them into elegant compositions (in our humble opinion).


Here’s the material breakdown:

BUILD build-out materials breakout

1. Homasote display board attached to vertical slats
2. 1½” x 2” vertical cedar slats at varying lengths
3. Track lights concealed above cedar slats: Juno T12W Trac-Master w/ T359W w/ basic mini universal heads
4. 1 1/4” x 8” cedar slats @ 6”oc (composed of laminating (2) 5/8” slats).
5. 4” deep x 1 ¼” metal flashing “champagne” to match corrugated steel soffit
6. Corrugated, perforated steel panels (off-cuts provided from nearby large project).
7. 4’ long fluorescent lights, boxed out with flashing to match soffit
8. Conference table by SPD; solid laminated Anigre top with steel base
9. Concrete slab floor with clear sealer
10. Maple plywood cabinets with exposed edges and clear sealed
11. 4’ long fluorescent light boxed out with cedar trim
12. 6062 “Boeing” aluminum alloy, steel plate wall hanging
13. Track lights: Juno T12W Trac-Master w/ T359W w/ basic mini universal heads
14. Orange acrylic panel mounted to wall
15. Corten steel sheet panel mounted to wall
16. Cork panel wall mounted
17. 3-Form Drift Green panel wall mounted
18. Solid fir plank, clear sealed and wall mounted
19. Chalk board panel wall mounted with inset Mockett pull for chalk holder

The construction process vid

The quick cost summary looks like this (in round numbers):
free perforated metal panels (salvaged and reused)
$350 210 lineal feet of matching edge metal (fabricated)
$225 improperly milled clear cedar material (mill unable to sell conventionally)
$1150 additional lumber, cedar, hardware and materials for ceiling assembly
$1200 additional track lighting, heads and lamps
$1250 conference table base; top was salvaged anigre laid-up by our shop, SPD
$75 homasote panels
free 6062 plate (salvaged from Boeing Surplus many years ago)
$35 acrylic panel, cut to size
$95 corten steel panel
$35 cork panel on multiply base
free 3-Form panel (salvaged)
$295 fir plank (bought from reclaimed supplier)
$85 chalk board panel
$300 general consumables

$5,095 project total

Now granted, the labor was our own. If you factor the labor in at our normal billing rates, the $5,095 balloons up to $14,000. This makes our office improvements a tidy $22/ square foot, everything included. An industrious budget by an industrious group in times that call for industrious solutions.

Designed by: Kevin Eckert, Andrew van Leeuwen, Duff Bangs of BUILD LLC
Constructed by: Bart Gibson of BUILD LLC
Cheers from your friends at BUILD