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Paul Hayden Kirk and the Puget Sound School+

BUILD announces the launch of a significant new book on Pacific Northwest architecture.

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An Architect, A Book, and an Opportunity+

BUILD promotes a new book on the work of Paul Kirk

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Gordon Walker Book Launch+

A passion project, a book launch, and some new photos of extraordinary design

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S2V 2013+

BUILD recaps the continually successful and rewarding ride from Seattle to Vancouver.

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BUILD Status Report+

The scoop with BUILD lately.

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Gordon Walker: Northwest Modern Master, Commercial & Institutional Work+

Part 2 of BUILDblogs Gordon Walker series covers his commercial work, institutional work, and calls out a few important aspects...

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Gordon Walker: Northwest Modern Master Residential Work+

BUILDblog covers the work of Gordon Walker and gets some new projects on the web.

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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 1, the Exterior+

BUILD LLC remodels a mid-century modern home to last another 50 years.

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Status Report & S.O.S.+

BUILD's status and an SOS

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Pacific Northwest Design+

BUILD defines key characteristics of Northwest Regional design, and highlights some head-turning projects.

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