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The Business of the Building Code+

BUILD analyzes and presents 50 years of building code metrics.

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Limitations as Design Opportunities+

BUILD illustrates how thoughtful architecture can turn challenging land-use codes into a harmonious building

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The Art of the Nonconforming Stair+

BUILD explores an important exception in the building code for vertical circulation.

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Working At Cross Purposes; Seattle’s Affordability Crisis+

BUILD takes a serious look at Seattle's housing crisis and makes a bold proposal.

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Roof Terrace Design+

BUILD covers 5 important design considerations for rooftop living.

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The Importance of Interpretation+

BUILD cracks the code on cracking the building code.

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When the building code contradicts common sense+

BUILD's take on a better, more purposeful building code.

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The Ridiculousness of the Building Code+

The BUILDblog throws a few tomatoes at the 2009 International Residential Code

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