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10 Forgotten Lessons of Mid-Century Modern Design+

What every contemporary house can learn from Mid-Century Modern design.

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Ten Design Lessons from Paul Kirk and the Puget Sound School+

BUILD discusses ten important lessons learned from Pacific Northwest Mid-Century Modern Masters

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A Mid-Century Modern Catalog+

BUILD catalogs lessons and tips for remodeling Mid-Century Modern homes in one, tidy post.

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The Great Bandwidth Recession+

BUILD shares their tools for battle against lack of time, patience, and thoughtfulness.

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Classic MCM Gets a Warm, Modern Update+

3 key features of updating a fantastic mid-century modern for the 21st century.

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MCM Remodel Strategies+

BUILD shares their strategies on the latest MCM remodel under construction.

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Keeping the Character: A Mid-Century Remodel+

BUILD provides the scoop on a sharp MCM remodel in Seattle's View Ridge neighborhood.

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INTERVIEW with PAUL FAGET, structural engineer+

BUILD interviews a structural engineer who has many years working with architects on complex projects.

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