Sometimes the most interesting design work on a project occurs after the architect has left the scene. When the punch list is complete, after the furniture has been placed, once the owners have had a chance to kick the tires on their new home.

We noticed this on our Park Modern project and it’s a good time to give a shout-out to some design ideas that are pleasing and synergistic to the building’s architecture. They’re also great modern design elements for your own home or project.

Built-in cabinetry
This super clever book storage idea uses bent steel plate, pre-drilled to accept lag-screws which mount to the walls studs. The finished composition accommodates a large amount of books and shows them off with a pleasing aesthetic. The concept works great with long clean hallways.

A wall-hung fir cabinet houses a low-profile fire box made by Ecosmart Fire. The stainless steel shield, added to the wall behind the ventless fire-box, protects the wall from the heat and gives off a nice glow. The cabinet provides mega-storage for A/V equipment, toys and books. The counter-top also makes an excellent staging ground for action figure battles. Painting by Erika Eckert.

Full height cabinets outfit this walk-in closet and provide storage for clothing and shoes. The concept uses the textures and colors of clothing as an element of design, rather than concealing the clothing behind closed doors.

These bookshelves allow the books to become a feature within the room and tie into a lower cabinet which acts as display space.  Paintings by Lagom.

7A lamp designed by Noguchi and available at Akari, Nest birdhouse designed by Gary Cruce and available at Arcamita.

Site-specific cabinets
This sitting bench, designed to fit a specific nook, accommodates A/V equipment and provides overflow seating. The door and drawer pulls are concealed below the panels for a clean look and unencumbered function. The piece was built in oak by Special Projects Division LLC.

To accommodate a live/work space, 2 kids, and an active lifestyle this island cabinet was designed and constructed by SPD to serve many functions and remain flexible over time.

Mobile cabinets
The SPD Sideboard mobile bar was produced in bamboo for this home application. In addition to a serving station for libations the cabinet is a convenient drop sort area.

Fixed furnishing
This magnetic photo wall is a ton of fun for the family and becomes an outstanding conversation piece.

A reclaimed school chalkboard becomes the main feature of this kitchen. The surface is useful for grocery lists, dinner menus and the occasional design schematics.

These wall stickers by Ferm Living create instant pop in a room and allow for play between nature and the built form or traditional vs. modern.

Mobile furnishings
Metal planter boxes from CB2 allow city dwellers to get a bit of green and plant herb gardens. The orthogonal geometry also fits nicely with the modern architecture.

These deck chairs, designed by Studiomama and made from reclaimed wood palettes, turn this outdoor living space into a lounge area. Modeling by the Job Mob.

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All photos by BUILD LLC