A couple of months ago it became painfully apparent here in Seattle that; A. The architecture and construction industry is going to get hit hard by the recession and B. Design firms will have to strategize new methods to stay alive for the next 10 to 12 months.  We quickly concluded that, in order to keep our heads above water, we would need to employ the following:
1. New and more diverse avenues in which to apply our design skills.
2. A wider audience of potential clients.
3. A higher ratio of finished products sold per items designed.
4. Alcohol.


Putting our cabinet shop into full throttle mode, we designed up the SIDEBOARD mobile bar.  It was exciting to design, it can be sold and shipped anywhere in the U.S. to a wide variety of design conscience consumers, it’s designed once and produced as many times as need be, and it makes you look like you mean business when it comes to serving drinks.  We schemed all this up over Manhattan’s of course.  So without further ado…

The SIDEBOARD can be fabricated from a variety of different wood species, the one below is made from solid walnut.




The unit is designed to fit with most dining room tables and can be rolled just about anywhere you should be enjoying a cocktail (as well as some locations that you shouldn’t). The SIDEBOARD is fabricated with our Kerf series design, incorporating aluminum connection plates and exposed pegs. It comes with four locking wheels and an adjustable shelf.  In our ideal world it would also come with a bottle of Basil Hayden’s bourbon whiskey and Dry Fly gin (but it doesn’t).


[All photos by BUILD LLC]

So weather out the recession in style, and with a stiff drink in your hand.  The SIDEBOARD mobile bar will be available for purchase soon on the SPD website.  If you’d like the play-by-play sneak peek previews of projects like this from schematic design through completion you should follow us on twitter.

Cheers from your friends at BUILD