BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 08 by Chase Jarvis

As we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season we’re thankful to be surrounded by an exceptional group of friends here at the Park Modern.  When we set out to design the project years ago we had ideas about community, involvement and neighbors who look after one another.  But even as the architects, developers and builders of the project we had no idea that a community of home-owners could create a culture as significant as this.  On a recent return from a long trip, a neighbor flagged us down on our way into the building.  He had prepared a warm dinner for us because he knew we’d be exhausted and hungry.  Incredible.

BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 04 by Chase Jarvis

Looking back to a warm, long summer here in Seattle we can’t even count the number of deck parties, impromptu dinners, and late night wine tastings that occurred.  It’s been a regular Sunset Magazine cover shoot around this place.  Along with the social gatherings comes a sense of community and a sense of belonging, which makes all the difference in an urban environment.  It also doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by like-minded foodies.

BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 03 by Chase Jarvis

The Herkimer Coffee shop is always bustling with coolios and Ten Pachi continues to set the standard for modern salons.  We’re honored to be sandwiched in the middle of all the excitement here at the BUILD world headquarters.

BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 05 by Chase Jarvis

It’s important to be passionate and rigorous about architecture.  It’s important to talk, think and experience architecture.  It’s important to hone the craft of design and work diligently on the object of architecture. But at the end of the day we create architecture for people, families and communities.  As architects and builders there is no greater reward than seeing people living great lives in spaces that we were able to play a role in.  If people can blossom and explore new possibilities in life, and we get to contribute in some way, sign us up, we’re in.

BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 06 by Chase Jarvis

As you shut down AutoCAD for the evening, as you put the framing details on the back burner, after you return that last call to the sub-contractor, we propose hunkering down in one of your favorite spaces with some good people and a glass of something warm.  Turn the designer-dial down for a bit; enjoy and appreciate the people around you and the communities you’re a part of.

BUILD LLC Park Modern photo 07 by Chase Jarvis

This holiday we want to raise a glass to the communities around us and to our fellow design professionals who are hard at work on the communities of the future.

Cheers from your friends at BUILD.

All photos by the extremely talented Chase Jarvis.