There’s this notion in architecture that if you just sit there at your desk long enough doing great design you’ll be wildly successful with clients lined-up outside your door and book companies fighting to publish your monograph.  We’re calling BS.  Architecture is a profession involving people, communication, sharing and learning.  Being a good architect stems from opening your eyes to the world, experiencing culture, getting your hands dirty from time to time and understanding how buildings go together.  Putting in time at your desk, working hard and learning the craft of design is important, no doubt, but much of what makes a good architect (in our opinion) occurs outside of the office.

YAD 111209 BUILD 01
[BUILD World Headquarters tour at YAD]

A couple of weeks ago we held our 3rd Young Architects Day where fourteen students and young architects/designers joined us for a tour of our office, the Park Modern building, a project in construction and our competed Picnic project.  5 of them piled into a car and drove all the way from the University of Idaho to attend the event.  Amazing.  We are constantly impressed with the individuals who join us for YAD, they’re ambitious, they’re curious about the world around them, and they’re supplementing their educations with unconventional, forward-thinking experiences.  We’re betting that these are the architects of the future because they’re taking matters into their own hands; they’re hunting down success rather than waiting for success to find them sitting at their desks.

YAD 111209 Park Modern 01
[Park Modern tour on the back decks]

Spending a few hours with the YAD group is a two-way street, we learn just as much from the discussion as they do.  Students and recent graduates are an invaluable resource; these 14 were entirely up to date on software technology, new groundbreaking work out there, and the architectures that are currently being explored in academia.  Thank you to everyone involved for keeping team BUILD up to date.  We had a blast and enjoyed talking with each and everyone of you.

YAD 111209 Site 02
[Touring the Magnolia project]

The message we’d like to communicate is this: get out there.  If you’re a student of architecture or young professional, the benefits of being professionally active outside the studio/office are enormous.  Firms hire individuals that are familiar to them not faceless resumes from stacks of applications.  We’re not suggesting that you need to run for public office but find an outlet to connect with other professionals, like minded individuals or parallel industries.  If you’re a seasoned professional, we highly advocate being part of an organization that allows students and young professionals access to your experience and intellect.  It’ll keep you sharp, it’ll keep you from becoming a dinosaur.

YAD 111209 Site 01
[Everybody seeing the light]

Here at BUILD we’re always on the lookout for new venues that foster cross-pollination.  Report back to us with anything you know of or find out there – we’d love to help promote it.

YAD 111209 Picnic
[Wrap up at Picnic]

Cheers from team BUILD