Monday September 29th marks the opening of Picnic, a brand new food and wine boutique here in Seattle on Phinney Ridge at 6801 Greenwood Ave N. Owners Anson and Jenny are a couple of uber-talented chefs and culinary visionaries who came up with the concept and brought it straight to BUILD llc. We were quickly enrolled in their vision and proceeded with the design and build-out.

[photos by BUILD llc]

The finished space is clean, sleek, uncluttered and vibrant. It focuses on plenty of display area for delicious products and options, without overwhelming the consumer. The goal was to create an inviting space, a storefront that is visible and enticing for passer-bys. The interior is modern and refined but still evokes a sense of establishment and demonstrates Anson and Jenny’s expertise in food and wine. Picnic is creating some of the top take-away food in the city and doing so without the food becoming too precious or fussy.

[photos by BUILD llc]

Here’s the BUILD technical scoop:

1. Dark-stained quarter sawn walnut cabinets with conversion varnish, and adjustable shelves. All exposed faces were fabricated by Special Projects Division (SPD) with sequenced (all from the same log) veneers on platform material using a 10’ vacuum press.
2. Exposed ducting, plumbing, electrical and fire sprinkler systems, painted white to match walls & ceiling.
3. Custom fabricated steel ladder on casters and mounted to steel tracks at top and bottom of wine cabinet. Ladder assembly is cold rolled steel, cleaned, blackened and waxed.
4. Stainless steel sleeves at adjustable shelf pins (part of SPD cabinet package).
5. Custom fabricated steel frame movable tables on casters, walnut table tops and acrylic shelves (by SPD). The tables serve dual purposes of display/ storage and convert to dining tables for special events. The steel frames are an assembly of hot rolled steel angles which were wheel-abrated & waxed and cold rolled steel tubes which were blackened & waxed. The goal was to get the disparate types of steel to appear similar in color/ texture. The steel assembly is mechanically fastened with thru-bolts.
6. Recessed display cabinet made from mangue wood (by SPD). It’s on axis with entry and provides a backdrop to the entry.
7. Solid wood door with frameless single rabbet jamb. L-metal inserted into dato around frame and taped to (and finished with) drywall.
8. Custom fabricated stainless steel filler panels so that wine refrigeration unit flushes out with adjacent refrigeration units (part of SPD casework). The wine fridge is the EuroCave Performance 259 Wine Cellar.
9. Stainless steel refrigeration unit with glass doors by True Mfg, model TS-49G-4.
10. 14-ply ¾” void-less material w/ maple finish veneer- commonly referred to as “apple-ply”.
11. Existing slab on grade with Ardex Feather Finish skim coat and sealed with polyurethane. It was challenging getting the separate pours (from separate bags) to color match with one another.
12. Rubber base by Roppe.
13. Resolute lighting: “David” line.
14. Existing concrete columns painted dark.
15. Custom fabricated steel frame movable table on casters with solid maple “butcher-block” tabletop (by SPD).
16. Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs and bar chairs.

It wouldn’t be a BUILD project synopsis with out a construction photo montage:


and, naturally, this modern addition to the city is up on The Modern List Seattle. Whew… did we cover everything? So enough about design and construction, get yourself over to picnic and have some phenomenal eats…

Picnic a food + wine boutique
6801 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle WA 98103