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It’s been another active season here at BUILD World Headquarters. Summer’s officially over as of today, and a lot has been going on in our world since the spring update. As we gear up for the final few months of this year, we’re excited for the opportunities bubbling up as well as the projects and relationships that continue to develop.

A new residential project popped up on our radars, and we’re just getting our feet wet in the early schematic designs at the moment. A gorgeous site in Bellevue with views back towards Lake Washington and the shores of Seattle.
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

Grand Ridge Drive recently wrapped up the design phase on this gorgeous residence situated at the end of a winding private drive in the Issaquah Highlands.
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

Mercer Island Residence also recently wrapped in design, and will be gearing up for the permit process shortly.
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

House + Guesthouse up on the Magnolia bluff is in the thick of the permitting process with a fall construction on the horizon.
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Leading up to demo day, the Case Study House 2014 honored the existing structure with an art exhibit. The project is now in full-swing construction mode, stay tuned for continued updates on the project.
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The Desai Residence, perched on a modest site on the south slope of Queen Anne, is swiftly growing into a handsome, modern home. We can’t wait to share photos of the views from its upper levels.
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

The Lake Washington Residence saw a ton of construction progress over the summer months. Now sided and drywalled, it’s shaping up to be a beautiful home with a beautiful view.
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Innis Arden North Remodel wrapped up construction this summer, adding another refreshed modern home to the neighborhood.
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The past couple months have seen a spike in model production. With a summer intern at the helm, our in-house model studio built a collection of gorgeous architectural models. Our “gallery space” is starting to get a little crowded now …
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A trek across the globe to visit Scandinavia again means a couple more interviews in the bag with some nordic architects doing stellar modern work in architecture: Gert Wingårdh and Håkan Widjedal. Stay tuned for the releases coming up this year and next.
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[Image Source: Architonic]

Earlier this month, we celebrated the launch of ARCADE’s most recent issue, 32.2: Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation, guest edited by our friend Brian Boram. More on our contributions to the issue below. Check out the magazine on newsstands now.
[Image Source: Cole Benson via ARCADE]

Our interview with Kate Ascher launched in ARCADE’s summer online issue. As always, you can read Part I on ARCADE’s website and Part II on the blog.
[Image Source: Penguin]

GRAY Magazine features the Magnolia Residence an August Room of the Week feature.
publish_gray magazine
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

Our interview with AvroKO graces the pages of ARCADE’s issue 32.2, launched a couple weeks ago. Also available online.
[Image Source: Michael Weber]

In the same issue, our very own Andrew van Leeuwen provides a fold-out page, chronicling the manifestos of architects all over the globe.
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Lately, we’ve been digging Instagram, one of the more enjoyable social media platforms out there. Check out what we’ve been up to and give us a follow.
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Back in July, the Team participated in a special tour of the Chihuly studio and boathouse. Check out our blog post recapping the illuminating experience.
tour_chihuly studio
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Seattle Design Festival just wrapped, with two weeks chock-full of design happenings. We shared our recommendations a few weeks back. We look forward to the continued evolution of this site-specific, design-centric event.
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S2V just completed its 5th year (and counting) last month. Huge thanks to all that participated and supported the event! Another great showing, with dollars donated to a cycle-worthy cause, Bikeworks. For the full rundown, check out the recap post.
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