[All photos by BUILD LLC]

Earlier this spring we completed the design for the BUILD Case Study House 2014. The project is an example of using our refined kit of architectural parts to construct a modern, urban residence for an inspiring lifestyle which you can read more about in our introductory blog post.


Recently, we obtained the permit from the building department which set the clock for the eventual demolition of an existing structure on the site. The event of demolishing a home is always one of significance and we wanted to mark the occasion. To us, demolition is less about creating a blank canvas and more of a prominent event within a property’s ongoing story.


During the permitting process, the hazardous material survey left random patterns of holes throughout the interior of the existing home. Artist Mindy Barker saw potential in these curious holes and created a narrative of excavation and connection.

A series of flowing graphics weaves up walls and across the ceiling from one excavation to the next. The test holes are given a reason for being beyond their utilitarian origins, and a story is developed.



To mark this important moment in time, the home was opened up to neighbors, friends, and family. Art was appreciated, drinks were tipped back, people caught up with one another, and we said goodbye to a modest home that sheltered generations of families.




Days later, as a liberating extension of the art installation, the house was turned to dust. Watching the transformation from a worn home to pile of rubble reminded us that it’s important to take advantage of little situations in life, things that have served their purpose well are worth celebrating, and there is beauty in the ordinary.

A big thanks to Mindy Barker for her vision and work.



Cheers from Team BUILD