With a some major milestones under our belt just over a month into this new year, Seattle’s already received an ample share of the nation’s spotlight. And as any resident or frequent visitor can attest, the changes going on in our fine city don’t stop at sports and entertainment. There’s a countless number of construction cranes, businesses opening and closing (or relocating), and the overall built landscape is undergoing a major upheaval. It keeps us on our toes, and makes for interesting TML installments.


Sure, we’re not a city in need of any more coffee shops. But that doesn’t mean we won’t welcome some new quality shops with open arms. Here are a few favorites that have emerged on the scene, along with an old favorite that opened their newest location in one of Seattle’s (few) coffee deserts.

 Vif Wine|Coffee, 4401 Fremont Ave N, 206.557.7357
Coffee_Vif 3
[Image Source: Vif]

 Tin Umbrella, 5600 Rainier Ave S, 206.743.8802
[Image Source: Tin Umbrella]

 Herkimer Coffee*, 901 Dexter Ave N, 206.274.8242
[Image Source: Herkimer Coffee]

There’s nothing like a cozy brunch to while away the weekend hours. A few of Seattle’s food and drink veterans expand to new neighborhoods to ensure the masses are well fed in both good food and good design.

 Tallulah’s550 19th Ave E, 206.860.0077
[Image Source: Suzi Pratt for Eater Seattle]

 Westward, 2501 N Northlake Way, 206.552.8215
Brunch_Westward 1
[Image Source: Thrillist]

 Skillet Diner, 2034 NW 56th St, 206.512.2000
Brunch_Skillet 1

In an unusual turn of events this year, neither Capitol Hill nor Ballard are represented in our TML-vetted spots for your evening meal. It’s a nice change of pace to see some needed pockets of the city enjoy some fine design and fine dining. See if you can spot the one we worked on.

 mkt., 2108 N 55th St, 206.812.1580
Dinner_mkt 1
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

 Aragona, 96 Union St, 206.682.3590
[Image Source: KOMO News]

 Restaurant Roux, 4201 Fremont Ave N, 206.547.5420
Dinner_Roux 1

While Seattle mourned the loss of several beloved bars in the last couple years, we’re never left thirsting for too long. The quality of drink and the quality of spaces continues along the trajectory of approachable and interesting.

 Barnacle, 4743 Ballard Ave NW, 206.706.3379
Drink_Barnacle 1

 Brimmer & Heeltap, 425 NW Market St, 206.420.2534
[Image Source: website link here]

red Le Caviste, 1919 7th Ave, 206.728.2657
Drink_Le Caviste 1

Sure, we’re a city filled with health nuts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also have a serious sweet tooth. Coincidentally, a couple of our favorites that opened this year happen to both involve ice cream housed in buildings featured on TML.

 Parfait, 2034 NW 56th St, 206.258.3066
Dessert_Parfait 2
[Image Source: Seattle Met]

 Hello Robin, 522 19th Ave E, 206.735.7970
Dessert_Hello Robin 2
[Image Source: Capitol Hill Seattle]

While there’s not much in the way of clothing boutiques this year, nearly everything else is covered: a bookstore, a food store, and a home good store. And all over the city to boot. It doesn’t hurt to mention a couple of these also offer food you can eat in/adjacent to the shop. We’re on board.

light-blue-a Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe, 425 15th Ave E, 206.322.1058
Retail_Adas 2
[Image Source: Board and Vellum]

 The London Plane322 Occidental Ave S, 206.624.1374 Food & cooking
Retail_London Plane
[Image Source: Dylan + Jeni for The London Plane]

 Ludlow Home7315 Greenwood Ave N, 206.429.5081 Home goods & accessories
Retail_Ludlow 1
[Image Source: Seattle Met]

 Peter Miller Books, 2326 2nd Ave, 206.441.4114 Architecture & graphic design
Retail_Peter Miller 2
[Image Source: Remodelista]

Art walks seem to happen every week somewhere in the city, so it’s no surprise that galleries and studios emerge with seemingly similar frequency. We’re happy to see some unique spaces emerging in the art venue arena.

 Urban Light Studios, 8537 Greenwood Ave N, 206.708.7281
Gallery_Urban Lights 1
[Image Source: Urban Light Studios]

 Olson Kundig Itinerant Projects, 406 Occidental Ave S, 206.501.1231
[Image Source: Olson Kundig]

While there is a ton of development popping up in our fair city, most of it is unremarkable or just plain unfortunate. However, glimmers of hope for Future Seattle can be seen in some of the thoughtful modernism exemplified in the following projects.

 19th & Mercer, 526 19th Ave E, by Weinstein AU
Building_19th Mercer
[Image Source: Alex Garland for Capitol Hill Seattle]

 Northwest School Gymnasium + Theatre401 E. Pike, by Mithun
[Image Source:BUILD LLC]

Though not your typical “landscape” inclusions, there’s definitely a shift happening in Seattle. Namely, veering away from vehicle-focused planning and toward the pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.

 Olive Way Parklet1506 E. Olive Way, by Boxwood
[Image Source:BUILD LLC ]

 Cycle Tracks, Locations vary
[Image Source: Seattle Bike Blog]

Cheers and happy exploring, from Team BUILD.