We’ve had some great winter-time cheer come across our desks at the BUILD World Headquarters lately and we thought we’d share; after all, it’s the holidays.

Deviating from a mere competition for the bestĀ snow-personĀ sculpture, each year in January, Breckenridge, Colorado hosts theĀ International Snow Sculpture Competition.Ā The event attracts ambitious artists who aren’t satisfied with making just an average snow fort. These large scale sculptures showcase the unique and ephemeral medium of high country snow and ice, producing some stellar results.

[Image Credit:Ā flickr.com/hawbone]

There’s no municipal code requiringĀ gingerbread houses to be constructed with pitched roofs and candy cane groves. That we know of. The Gingerbread Villa demonstrates clean lines, straightforward use of materials, and a seamless transition between interior and exterior living spaces. Plus a roof garden and deck.

[Image Credit: flickr.com/sahafoto]

Seattle’s famous Candy Cane Lane is a popular stop on the holiday lights tour in the city, with cars lining up to see the stretch of homes illuminated with holiday cheer.

[Image Credit:Ā santaphotos.com]

Homeowners outside of the limits of this block, however, sometimes choose to make their own mark, becoming a singular destination.Ā Aesthetic leanings aside, there’s no arguing the sheer marvel of the feat: setting up (and taking down) this scale of lawn theater. And in case you were wondering, there is, in fact, music and animatronics involved.

[Image Credit:Ā flickr.com/sahafoto]

On a larger, and more public scale, we’ve noticed numerous construction cranes festively donning a variety of colored lights here in Seattle. There’s a significant amount of construction going in all parts of the city, and most of the sky-high cranes have chosen to illuminate the winter sky with festive colors.

Now that you’ve set up your Modern Christmas Tree, it needs appropriate adornment. Recent years have brought forth designers thinking outside the limits of the traditional globe ornaments. The offerings these days for well-designed holiday ornaments are ample.

[Image Credit: houzz.com]

Metal ornaments by Melissa Borrell have been out for a while. These laser cut pieces make for a sharp addition to your holiday palette.

[Image Credit: apartmenttherapy.com]

Simultaneous with the winding down of one year comes anticipation for the start of the next. We’ve been seriously impressed by the creative and crafty calendar options Ā that are reinterpreting how we keep track of our days. We showcased a few in our recent Gift Guide, andĀ Design Milk has done a great job of culling a selection that runs the gamut: wall art, desk pieces, booklets, and various multi-dimensional works, Along with some classics, of course.

[Image Credit: designmilk.com]

[Image Credit: designmilk.com]

Cold weather and countless social events during this season offer more than a few opportunities to test out the selection of festive beverages out there. Here are a few options worth checking out, covering the three major drink groups: wine, beer, and cocktails.

Swedish glƶgg, or any variation of mulled wine is sure to get you warmed up this season.

[Image Credit: amazingribs.com]

For those who lean more towards refreshing brews, winter opens the door to a festive collection of seasonal brews. Clever labels and all.

[Image Credit: 20prospect.wordpress.com]

For the party host with a bend toward cocktails, there’s a recipe for what sounds like a pretty incredible seasonal punch, brainchild of Jamie Boudreau of Canon:

Dementia Pugilistica (Xmas Punch 2007)
1 bottle Remy Martin VS cognac (or other good brandy)
Ā¼ bottle maraschino liqueur
Ā¼ bottleĀ St. Germain elderflower liqueur
3 bottles Duval-Leroy Rose Champagne (or other good dry Champagne)
10 dashes Angostura bitters
15 dashes peach bitters (if available)
2 blood oranges, sliced
take a large metal bowl and fill with water
place bowl in freezer until frozen
lay bowl in a sink of hot water until ice can slide out
place huge ice dome into a punch bowl
pour all other ingredients into punch bowl
stir and serve

[Image Credit:Ā spiritsandcocktails.wordpress.com]

Happy Holidays, Team BUILD