Team BUILD has been spending a bit of time in our SPD wood shop lately and it’s time to tell you about our Plywood Re-usable Christmas Tree Prototype. The design is based on the classic Frasier Fir, often used for Christmas trees here in the Pacific Northwest. The prototype stands 5’-0” tall and is fabricated in two leaves that slide together with a slip-notch. When not in use, the leaves slide apart and can be flat packed for efficient storage.

1/8” Diameter holes and 1/2” grooves allow for the addition of lights and ornaments. The profile is cut from 1/2” thick apple-ply for its strength and crisp laminated edges.

The Frasier Fir, like most natural forms, is embedded with universal patterns. We’ve used these patterns of proportion and rhythm to create the design –the golden section was primarily used for the geometry.

The prototype dimensions have been engineered so that a plywood tree can be cut from one 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood.

We’ll be kicking the tires on the prototype this holiday season, so far it’s been a clean, modern alternative to the Christmas Tree -without all the mess.

Here’s to a modern Christmas.
Cheers from Team BUILD.

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