Our latest round-up of inspiring links culled from our readers, friends, and in-house team.


Check out the noteworthy work of JSa out of Mexico. Javier Sanchez has a background in both architecture and real estate. We’re happy to see a growing presence of architects in real estate development.
-thanks to Prentis

More on the guys at el dorado inc. We had the pleasure of lecturing with them at Reinvention in Phoenix this week.
-thanks to Doug

We really enjoyed checking out the work of JLC Architecture recently. These guys are in the trenches doing real work for real people. We also dig their method of diagramming.
-thanks to Tyler

M. Gerwing Architects out of Colorado run a nice design blog that you should check out. The regularity of updates on it communicates to us that they’re passionate about design and are on top of their game.
-thanks to Mark


A quick and dirty resource for cross-referencing data for remodeling projects across the U.S.  Just released by Remodeling Magazine.
-thanks to Larry

The modern urban beehive. We’re fans of the urban-natural hybrid.
-thanks to Shaney


If you didn’t catch the Earth | Time Lapse View from Space video yet, prepare for a treat.

Check out this well-crafted video about sweat, blood, tears and community.
-thanks to Donald

A Plea For Modernism makes a compelling argument to restore the Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans.


Chris Sauter’s The Whole World exhibit is clever, very clever.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, there has likely already been the inevitable avalanche of overly-decorated glittery and/or musical Christmas cards in the mail. For the design-conscious, however, nothing communicates deliberate appreciation and warm greetings like a well-designed, concise card. One of our favorite designers is Ioana Urma who’s created a very pleasing language of cards.

Explorations in landscape, sculpture, and scale by Mehmet Ali Uysal in the Levent Des Foret.
-thanks to Flandish

The Fade Out Chair by Japanese outfit Nendo executes a trompe-l’oeil with simplicity and wit.
-thanks to Andre


Artefact’s 999 bottle for running the numbers on your personal tally of plastic bottles saved. The companion app is a nice touch, providing you with your very own data visualization for added gratification.


We’re big fans of lectures that get to the point. Recently, we brushed up on Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rules and we highly recommend getting familiar with his concepts.


Check out MS&R Ltd. out of Minneapolis. Their work is top-notch, and their like-minded approach to initiating the conversation about best practices and raising the bar in Design is right up our alley.
-thanks to Justin


Collective eye candy at The Fancy.
-thanks to Aaron

While admiring the smart design work on the Dubai Metro campaign, we obligingly followed the trail and stumbled upon Aaron’s tumblr of Aaron and Will. It’s just the right mixture of inspiration and humor.


It’s no secret we’re big fans of Scandinavian design and travels. The sharp hotel concept in Copenhagen, STAY, came across our radar recently and we officially dig it.
-thanks to lolodel


For those sharp shooting iPhone users out there, try the new iPhone Dial Lens to pimp out the camera features on your mobile device.
-thanks to sgeorgiou


We’re no strangers to food truck culture out here in the Northwest. But we’ve noticed the wave has been hitting the rest of the nation pretty hard in the past couple years. Currently, we’ve been informed of the scene in Denver, Colorado. One up-start, Pomfreet, is the brainchild of a couple of architects, no less. Bring on the frites and skewers…
-thanks to Chris and Ben

The restaurant scene in Seattle is pretty tough to keep up with, particularly these days. But we always try to keep our feelers out for new and noteworthy spots to explore and share. A few places we’ll be frequenting in the coming weeks (if not already) include: Belle Clementine for their family-style communal dinners, Canon for skillfully hand-crafted cocktails, and Bar Ferd’nand Coffee for house-made pastries paired with locally roasted beans. Which reminds us, it’s high time we post up another TML Seattle.

Hit the comments and let us know what’s been on your radar.

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