We just brushed up on the latest in modern culture from our very own backyard and we’ve got a ton of cool new (and not so new) Seattle venues to get on your radar. If you’re a local, it’s a perfect time to get a few of these spots on your holiday to-do list, as these warm, modern interiors are the perfect remedy for the long, dark Pacific Northwest winter ahead. And if you’re traveling here, these coolio establishments will give you an insiders experience of the rainy city (away from the touristimos). Huge props go out to Seattle’s amazing foodie blogs and our friends on Twitter for keeping us well informed on all things culinary and well designed. In the event that this this list doesn’t satiate your appetite for modern culture, there’s plenty more on The Modern List Seattle.

[Photo courtesy of Vitos]

_Vitos at 927 9th Ave, 206.397.4053

[Photo courtesy of Vitos]

For drinks, also check out Barrio, Urbane, Tavern Law and Shelter.

_Arabica Lounge at 1550 E Olive, 206.347.6093

_Picnic at 6801 Greenwood Ave N, 206.453.5867

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

_Oddfellows at 1525 10th Ave, 206.325.0807

[Photo by Rocketdoggy]

_Homegrown at 3416 Fremont Ave N, 206.453.5232

[Photo by zeebleoop]

_Delancy at 1415 NW 70th St, 206.838.1960

[Photo courtesy of Remodelista]

_Lecosho at 89 University St (at Harbor Steps) 206.623.2101

[Photo courtesy of Seattlest]

_Cicchetti at 121 E Boston St, 206.859.4155

[Photo by seattlerachel]

_Dinette at 1514 E Olive Way, 206.328.2282

[Photo by ~wesa~]

_Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor at 2616 NE 55th, 206.525.0220

[Photo by Seattle Met]

_Luc at 2800 E. Madison, 206.325.1092

[Photo courtesy of Luc]

_Sitka & Spruce at 1531 Melrose Ave E, 206.324.0662

[Photo by courtesy of Sitka & Spruce]

_Staple & Fancy at 4739 Ballard Ave NW, 206.789.1200

[Photo courtesy of Thrillist]

_Walrus and the Carpenter at 4743 Ballard Ave NW, 206.395.9227

[Photo courtesy of The Walrus and the Carpenter]

_Marjorie at 1412 E Union, 206.441.9842

[Photo courtesy of Marjorie]

_Book Bindery at 198 Nickerson St, 206.283.2665

[Photo courtesy of Book Bindery]

_Kolstrand  Building at Ballard Ave NW & NW 48th St by Graham Babba Architects

[Photo courtesy of All-Consuming]

_Melrose Market at Olive Way & Melrose Ave by Graham Babba Architects

[Photo courtesy of Cool Hunting]

_Ambach + Rice at 5107 Ballard Ave NW, 206.789.6242

[Photo courtesy of Ambach + Rice]

For galleries, also check out The Lawrimore Project and Vermillion.

Cheers and we’ll see you over Manhattan’s at the bar.