While finding door handles and cabinet pulls that look good and function well can be challenging enough, there are a few additional variables that require attention. Establishing a manufacturer/supplier relationship that consistently delivers ALL the required parts and pieces on time is vital. A practical, straight—forward install that the carpenters can figure out without frustration is also important. And last but not least, it’s got to be cost effective (not just the hardware itself, but the whole package inclusive of the aspects above); a modestly priced $75 handle that takes the carpenter 3 hours to install isn’t cost-effective.

Needless to say we’ve been through a lot of hardware over the years. The list of favorites that we currently use is a tried and true selection that we’re very pleased with. They each meet the aesthetic code of everything they need to be and nothing more (we’re always baffled at how difficult it is to find hardware that isn’t “overdesigned”). Let us know what hardware has made the final cut on your projects.

Exterior Swing Doors
Karcher “New York” passage lever UER65 with UEDB cylinder and UEZD2 turnpiece lock in a stainless finish.
(3) Stanley 4″x4″ square corner hinges fully mortised.

Interior Passage Doors
Karcher “New York” passage lever with or without privacy lever in a stainless steel finish.
(3) Stanley 4″x4″ square corner hinges fully mortised.

For sliding doors check out a past BUILDblog post.

Cabinet Doors
Sugatsune 16 Series stainless steel handles in a satin finish.

Mockett DP3 Series in a satin nickel or satin chrome finish

Custom stainless steel continuous pulls designed by SPD and fabricated by Metal Masters NW

Custom sauna door handle to match Karcher: from time to time we get to have a little fun with the hardware. The wood door handle to this sauna (below) was built on site by Bart Gibson to match the Karcher handle noted above.

cheers from team BUILD