We use a lot of sliding doors on our projects at BUILD LLC and like most hardware, the more refined the application, the less you can actually see the mechanics. While we like the clean, sleek look of the concealed hardware, it can be difficult to figure out what type of hardware is allowing the door to move so fluidly (and architects like us are always looking). For today’s post we’re losing the veil on sliding doors and we’ll review the hardware specs for a range of different types and sizes. If you’re not a nuts-n-bolts geek (like us) I’d get off at the next stop and go somewhere cool, like here.

Small: Pocket doors
Job: Park Modern
Opening size: 2’-10” wide x 6’-8” tall
Hardware: Hager 9101 heavy duty tracks w/ 9105 carriers, 9115 bottom guides and 9113 stops
Pull options:
Trimco 1065 pull with privacy option
Linnea SLE-78SSP
Or, if you really want to shoot the lights out, the Halliday Baillie HB 690
Notes: typical pocket door hardware is a bit flimsy, so we actually use bypass door hardware for our pocket doors. It keeps them sturdy and smooth gliding. The hardware is entirely concealed and makes for an unencumbered modern look when combined with a trim-less jamb.

Meduim: Bypass doors
Job: Park Modern
Opening size: 7’-10” wide x 6’-8” tall
Hardware: Hager 9101 heavy duty tracks w/ 9105 carriers, 9115 bottom guides, 9113 stops
Pulls: Trimco 1060 recessed pulls
Notes: it’s a sturdy assembly good for storage closets and areas that get abused more than a typical door.

Medium: Glass interior doors
Job: Seattle Penthouse
Opening size: 17’-0” wide x 9’-1”
Hardware: Raumplus S300 bottom track with (3) diffused, laminated glass panels
Pulls: made by mfr and integral with door
Notes: we use these sliders to keep rooms open and light, they’re also useful when combining rooms is desired. Even the larger panels glide super-easily and the slim frames compliment modern interiors nicely. The bottom tracks can be recessed into a wood floor and look sharp – it’s that functional ornament we love to incorporate into interiors.

Medium: Glass exterior doors
Job: Halladay Street Remodel
Opening size: 12’-0” wide x 7’-2” tall
Hardware: Fleetwood Norwood Series 3070-ex
Pulls: made by mfr and integral with door
Notes: a tough door series that’s made for the full exposure weather conditions here in the northwest. They have a solid modern look and glide easily for their weight and durability. Fleetwood also makes a corner door composition that’s very cool.

Large: Interior moving walls
Job: CreativeLIVE
Opening size: 20’ wide x 10’ tall
Hardware: Richard Wilcox Hardware 232 Series track, hangers & brackets
Pulls: Sugatsune 26 Series cabinet pulls
Notes: there’s a tremendous amount of flexibility with this door hardware allowing for doors in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The hardware allows for door sizes so large that we like to think of them as moving walls. In industrial situations, like the application below, we like to expose the hardware and show it off a bit.

…and remember, behind every door there’s an opportunity (or at least some cool hardware).

cheers from team BUILD

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