[Photo by Will Austin]

Head on over to Smith, where owner Todd Smith is an architect and photographer. Both his designs and shots have that gritty northwest flavor that we’re always seeking out.
-thanks to Todd and Brad for the intro

The Candeias House by jlcg arquitectos impressed us for its discipline, we also love that the home was created so deliberately that every element of the design has significance.
-thanks to Eric

The New York Times is doing a nice job with their Home & Garden online slideshows, here’s a recent fave on a modern cor-ten house and another on translucent skins.
-thanks to Ramiro

We’re big fans of blogs that document architecture and construction projects. The hardworking folks over at Meadow House are doing a stellar job of documenting the process with their architect Matt Melcher – who needs a website of his own because his link would go right [here].
-thanks to Andrei

For some of the most compelling architectural + engineering images we’ve seen in a bit check out the work of Jamey Stillings. Entirely inspiring.
-thanks to Matthew

The hot-off-the-press PACCAR building on the UW campus was just photographed by the ultra talented Doug Scott. We ride past it all the time and it’s quickly become a favorite.

Image. Architecture. Now. is an impressive new exhibit at Woodbury University showing the influence of the late great Julius Shulman.
-thanks to Ramiro and Coolhunter

This photo portfolio by the brilliant Andy Freeberg reminded us of every Chelsea gallery we’ve ever visited. The tongue-in-cheek photos make us giggle every time we flip through them.
-thanks to 2modern

While the Selgascano Architecture Office photographed by Iwan Baan got some heavy criticism out there, we totally dig it. Yup, it doesn’t relate to the site at all… primarily because it was designed not to. Bravo to the folks over at Selgascano for sticking their necks out there and pushing design.
-thanks to Nico

Check out the Paint Sound Sculptures in this vid by Dentsu, which documents the making of Canon’s Pixma’s campaign. Super hot stuff.
-thanks to Nicholas

Team BUILD was recently introduced to the work of Iacoli & McAllister and we’re very happy about that. Their design work is inspiring, their approach is no nonsense and their presentation is clean. A tour through their website is enlightening.
-thanks to Jamie, Taylor and Ben

If you like furniture half as much as we do you’ll want to prepare for some serious geeking out with bookhou – where designers John and Arounna have found a gorgeous balance between Scandinavian clean lines and Pacific Northwest texture.
-thanks to Angela

Check out the P.90 Camera and lighting designs offered up by Mottweiler Studio out of Portland Oregon.
-thanks to Kurt

Check out the beautiful work that Vanillawood is doing. It’s modernism with sensuality and you should stay tuned for their holiday gift guide for the design conscious.
-thanks to Abby

Recently, we were on the receiving end of a scorching hot copy of Modern in Denver, a mag dedicated to modern living, inside & out. We’re big, big fans.
-thanks to Jonas D

There’s a very sharp new book out titled Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light which takes a fresh look at the houses and furniture of Charles & Henry Greene. It’s by David Mathias and if you’re a fan of good architecture and design you should check it out.
-thanks to David

At Seattle’s last Art Walk we got familiar with the work of Mary Iverson at the Davidson Gallery downtown. Having learned to draw 2-point perspectives old-school style back in studio (that means with a pencil) we were captivated by her work.
-thanks to the Davidson Gallery

Cheers from team BUILD

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