We had so much fun with the last textures post that on a recent trip to Alaska and Vancouver Island we couldn’t stop thinking about how the texture of a place should be unique and special. Texture should tell you something about the people, the place, the weather… and Alaska didn’t let us down. In addition to taking in some visual eye candy – consider how your favorite places have textures all their own.

L: Forest near Juneau
R: Glass façade of the Anchorage Museum

L: Buffalo fur
R: Stone beach in Homer Alaska

L: Weathered siding in Skagway Alaska
R: Foliage near Homer Alaska

L: Shells on the Wickininnish Beach near Tofino B.C.
R: Moose fur

L: Cedar interior walls at the Anchorage Musuem
R: Cloud coverage over Anchorage

L: Rocks on the beach at Florenica Bay near Tofino
R: Fur

L: Water at Glacier Bay
R: Seal intestine

L: Dear pelt
R: Bark

L: Pioneer construction
R: Dandelions

L: Flowers
R: Hand-hewn cedar board siding

L: Bear fur
R: Rocks at Glacier Bay

L: Foliage in the rainforest near Tofino B.C.
R: Boardwalk planks near Tofino

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