On our recent Manhattan trip we were struck by the texture and grittiness of the city, more so than previous trips. Maybe it’s because New York finally got a real coffee shop and subsequently our senses were running on all cylinders. Maybe it’s due to a couple of key exhibits in town at the moment. Or maybe texture is back in. Who knows, but we couldn’t keep our iPhone cameras in our pockets and for today’s post we’ve compiled the BUILDblog Urban Texture Portfolio.

L: 5th Avenue Apple Store with reflection of the Plaza Hotel
R: Metropolitan Museum of Art Big Bambu rooftop exhibit

L: Sculptural webbing in the design room at MOMA
R: Wall map for the Henry Cartier Bresson exhibit at MOMA

L: Stairs up to the lobby of the Ace Hotel designed by the Ace Hotel and Roman & Williams
R: Floor directions at the Ace Hotel

L: Cast iron fence inspired by graffiti at the 40 Bond building by Herzog & De Meuron
R: Cast glass façade of the 40 Bond building

L: Salami hanging from the ceiling of the Calabria Pork Store in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx
R: Italian grocery store in Belmont

L: Anodized industrial steel mesh on the façade of the New Museum by SANAA
R: “Hell Yes!” signage on the New Museum façade by artist Ugo Rondinone

L: Our buddy ordering up an espresso at Stumptown Coffee
R: One of the hottest espresso machines we’ve ever seen, the La Marzocco Mistral at Stumptown Ace

L: Close-up of bamboo connections at the Met’s Big Bambu rooftop exhibit
R: Composition on roof

L: Two of three very tired architects
R: Pepperoni pizza from Pintaile’s Pizza on E 91st St

L: Chrome plated, patterned panels at the entry lobby of 40 Bond Street
R: Chrome plated, perforated panels at the entry lobby of 40 Bond Street

L: Pork fat sticky buns at Ippudo
R: Glowing red horse at the Ace Hotel

L: Sidewalk shadows on the Bowery
R: Shoes on the Bowery

L & R: Cheers NYC

Have a great weekend and get some texture out there.