The work coming out of the graypants studio just about knocked the drink out of our hands it is so refreshing, raw and well, just plain cool. These guys are thinking, drawing, making and promoting; they’re doing good architect work. Get your eyeballs on this stuff and go check out their site.
-thanks to Seth

If you’re half the design-geeks we are, you’ll love the orthogonal wood furniture at Marmol Radziner.
-thanks to Jeremy

The photo series of coffee cup lids hits home with us Seattleites. Nicely done.

This clever You Tube entry covers Every Painting in the MoMA on 10 April 2010.
-thanks to Angela

The photography work of Matthew Carbone is quietly beautiful and cleverly uses the cameras focus as an important compositional tool.
-thanks to Matthew

As much as we’d like to forget that the 70’s ever occurred, the Eurobad site provides some very good laughs. We’re the miscalculations of fashion and interior design really that bad?
-thanks to atomicindy

If you know anything about the BUILDblog you know that we’re crazy about beautiful diagrams. Check out the Guardian for some striking graphic information about war.
-thanks to Angela

The New York Times Magazine ran a smashing series of photographs digitally modified to illustrate the Dow Jones, Lehman Brothers, Nasdaq and more.

The Scale of the Universe presented via scroll bar technology is quite cool.
-thanks to Jeremy

The Planes vs Volcanoes diagram is a simple, arresting visual that gives perspective to recent world events.
-thanks to Angela

The work of Seattle based DeForest Architects impressed us with it’s northwest sensibility, design forward aesthetic and the fact that they give kudos to their clients on their website. Nicely done.
-thanks to Mike

There’s hope for Seattle yet as the new low-rise building code is allowing for real town-homes now; the Fourth and Roy building is an especially good example.
-thanks to Chris

With cities becoming more accepting of back yard cottages and the fact that nobody can afford to buy a new house anymore, competitions like the Design Challenge for Sustainable Backyard Cottages are getting some good attention. And while we’re only competitive when it comes to martinis and pomme frites, we will be keeping our eyes on this one.
-thanks to Mike

Nikki Graziano is a student, a photographer, a mathematician, and among other things she has a website that we think is the bomb.
-thanks to Andrée-Anne

We’re all about architecture schools that get to the nitty-gritty, roll-up their sleeves and teach how to build buildings. The University of Austin at Texas School of Architecture has done something extraordinary with their Material Lab which allows anyone to search products based on all sorts of criteria and what you get is a list of products with the relevant material properties. Mad, crazy respect goes out to U of T.
-thanks to Brian

Recently we met up with Scott Taylor, a Seattle artist who’s painstakingly detailed work had us drooling all over ourselves. If you ever have team BUILD over for drinks and extremely hot art – make sure and supply bibs, will ya.

The 0 Star Hotel in Switzerland has created a brilliant marketing campaign with their bare and beautifully boring images.
-thanks to Swissmiss

The recently released Pencil Printer has us architects curious, very, very curious.
-thanks to Lee

As we’re working through the design of an urn we’ve been looking to columbariums, mausoleums and crematoriums for inspiration as well as facts. The Woods Columbaria was recently introduced to us and we couldn’t be more excited to visit it as some point (while we’re still alive preferably)
-thanks to Stephanie

Hands down, our favorite blog lately has been Life of an Architect. It’s a solid discussion about the design industry from an author who’s well versed in the realities of architecture. It’s also got a dose of humor thrown in for good measure. While the blog is chalk-full of fantastic posts our fave so far is My Secret Life as a “Hooker-Architect”. Brilliant.
-thanks to Bob

Schindlers Buck House near San Francisco is opening up for tour on April 25th through MOCA and Country Club Projects. Send us some photos if you attend.
-thanks to Erik

Happy Monday, now get out there and start DOing

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