If you follow the BUILDblog at all you know that we have huge respect for well composed diagrams. So to kick off the weekend in proper style, here are ten favorites from what we’ve been peeking at recently.

This diagrammatic hand-out by Sprinkles Cupcakes illustrates which type of cupcakes are available  each day of the week and it’s gorgeous. This simple diagram kicks butt over most architectural diagramming – and it’s a friggen cupcake company.

We have fallen head-over-heals in love with the diagram series by Nikki Graziano titled Found Functions. She’s a photographer, artist and mathematician. And she rocks.

The Periodic Table of Controllers not only gave us a dose of humor but also brought back some good memories of spending days on end fixed to our Atari 2600.

The Raumplus office in Seattle has a drop-dead gorgeous display of door profiles made from section cuts of real doors. Team BUILD was drooling all over itself when we saw this high-relief diagram. Nicely done Raumplus.

“A Days Work” by The New York Times diagrams how a Long Island Rail Road employee falsely increased his daily pay by accumulating hour by hour “penalty payments.” Check out the time-lapse version here.

The Beatles lyrics flowchart.

We saw this safety label diagram on a one of those bouncy-castle toys and it made us wonder about how many of the prohibited items could be accomplished at the same time.

Glass screened diagrams at the McCormick Tribune Campus Center by OMA.

Esquire Magazine ran a slick diagram of Beer Varieties by Shade. We got thirsty just lookin at it.

And for those Wire fans out there – we came up with our own Wire-themed Dinner Party Concept and invitation diagram. Throw your own and download the template Here.

Have a stellar weekend.