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The Process of Architecture+

BUILD describes the full process of how architecture comes together.

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23 September, 2008

The Modern List Manhattan+

BUILD takes on the big apple with new and exciting places to visit.

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20 September, 2008


BUILD explores the connection between landscape and built form in rural locations.

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11 September, 2008

Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal+

BUILD gets a sneak peak at the new Seattle cruise ship terminal.

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7 September, 2008

The Poetics of Project Tracking+

BUILD looks at the poetics of documentation and the process of decision making that go into a finished project....

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5 September, 2008

The Modern List St. Petersburg+

BUILD travels to St. Petersburg to explore the few modern examples of architecture nestled between more classic examples.

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3 September, 2008

Finnish Wood Detailing+

BUILD looks beyond the obvious to shed some light on a project with extraordinary and technically admirable details.

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1 September, 2008

Finnish Door Handles+

BUILD looks at how door handles can make or break an experience in a project.

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28 August, 2008

The Modern List Finland+

BUILD says hello from Finland with this great list of modern architecture.

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25 August, 2008

Uppsala: Two Important Buildings+

BUILD explores the small town of Uppsala in Sweden.

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21 August, 2008

The Modern List Stockholm+

BUILD explores the modern architecture of Stockholm.

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19 August, 2008

BUILDblog break+

BUILD celebrates one year of the blog with a look at our up coming trip to Scandinavia.

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1 August, 2008

Urban Blight+

BUILD expresses our dislike of the townhouse style that is popping up around Seattle.

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28 July, 2008

The New Modern List+

BUILD updates The Modern List to work with new technology.

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24 July, 2008

Densities & Openings+

BUILD looks at the density of different cities around the globe compared to Seattle.

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22 July, 2008

Better Know a Neighborhood: U-District & Ravenna+

BUILD gets to know the U-District and Ravenna neighborhoods of Seattle.

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14 July, 2008

Board & Batten Siding+

BUILD explains why we like board and batten siding.

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8 July, 2008

Floating Houses+

Why put houses on land when you could put them on water; BUILD explores the possibilities.

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4 July, 2008

Phoenix Architecture: Part Three+

BUILD explores Phoenix Arizona part 3.

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28 June, 2008

Phoenix Architecture: Part Two+

BUILD explores Phoenix Arizona part 2.

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25 June, 2008

Phoenix Architecture: Part One+

BUILD explores the gems of modernism in Phoenix Arizona.

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23 June, 2008

Heating Systems for Small Homes+

BUILD looks at the methods of heating homes, especially small projects.

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18 June, 2008

Modern Toasters+

BUILD asks the question, what do you have on your kitchen counters?

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16 June, 2008

Masters of Industrial Design+

BUILD looks at integrating industrial designed objects into the modern home.

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9 June, 2008

Graffiti and Cities+

BUILD analyzes how graffiti can be a marker for the development of a city.

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6 June, 2008

Modern Tour: Arizona + New Mexico+

BUILD tours the modern buildings of Arizona and New Mexico.

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4 June, 2008

Digital Media Tools for Architects and Designers+

BUILD explores the potential of Youtube.

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30 May, 2008

Quotes on Design+

BUILD looks at the power in the spoken word.

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27 May, 2008

Gwendolyn Wright Lecture+

BUILD contemplates Gwendolyn Wrights lecture from the University of Washington.

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22 May, 2008