[Image Source:  Carney Logan Burke Architects]

On a recent visit to Jackson, Wyoming, it really became clear to us that Modernism, is in fact, everywhere. A picturesque mountain town at the edge of the gorgeous Teton Range where the bison population nearly matches the human population, Jackson Hole has a fair share of high-caliber design and architecture both in town and up on the trails. Here’s our first pass at the modern side of Jackson we encountered. Enjoy, and share any spots we missed in the comments below.

While one might expect cowboy cuisine to have a monopoly on the town, Jackson is much more diverse in its edible options — ranging from boutique baked goods, to third wave coffee, and craft cocktails.

Persephone Bakery, 145 E. Broadway, 307.200.6708
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

Healthy Being Juicery, 165 E. Broadway, 307.200.9006
[Image Source: Healthy Being]

Bin 22, 200 W. Broadway, 307.739.9463
[Image Source: Bin 22]

The Rose, 50 W. Broadway, 307.733.1500
[Image Source:  Dynia Architects]

Local Restaurant + Bar, 55 N. Cache St., 307.201.1717
[Image Source: Carney Logan Burke Architects]

From touchdown at the airport to hiking a trail to one of the glacial lakes in Grand Teton National Park, there’s a true commitment to making buildings and structures more than just a derivative of log cabin architecture. We barely scratched the surface with this list, but are definitely looking forward to what comes up next in this wave of Mountain Modernism.

Jackson Hole Airport, 1250 E. Airport Rd., 307.733,7682 by Carney Logan Burke Architects
[Image Source: Carney Logan Burke Architects]

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center, GTNP, 307.739.3654 by Carney Logan Burke Architects
[Image Source: Carney Logan Burke Architects]

Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center,  GTNP, 307.739.3399 by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
[Image Source: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson]

Jackson Lake Lodge, 101 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd., Moran, 307.543.2811 by Strout Architects
[Image Source:  Eddimer]

Pacific Building by Berlin Architects
[Image Source:  Homestead]

Teton County Library, 125 Virginian Ln., 307.733.2164
original building by Will Bruder Architects, addition by Gilday Architects
[Image Source: Gilday Architects]

Center for the Arts, 265 S. Cache St., 307-734-8956 by Dynia Architects + Carney Logan Burke Architects
[Image Source: Dynia Architects]

Plateau Live/Work Lofts, 1085 W. Broadway by Dynia Architects
[Image Source: Dynia Architects]

More and more, towns across the country have elevated the shopping experience from running an errand at a soulless cookie-cutter strip mall to a day of browsing and exploring the place itself. From the hybridization the retail business model to highlighting local artisan-made wares, the days of souvenir shopping for the same old tchotchkes are (thankfully) behind us.

Wool + Whiskey, 3285 Village Dr., Teton Village, 307.732.4080
[Image Source: Wool and Whiskey]

Paper & Grace, 55 N. Glenwood, 307.733.8900
[Image Source: Paper & Grace]

MADE, 125 N. Cache St. (Gaslight Alley), 307.690.7957
[Image Source: MADE]

Mountain Dandy, Gaslight Alley, 307.690.0606
[Image Source: Mountain Dandy]