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We’re nearly a third of the way through the year, and there’s been a ton of activity buzzing around BUILD World Headquarters. Projects wrapping up, a handful more started up, and our construction schedule’s busier than ever. We’ve even managed to squeeze in some in-house tinkering.

House + Guesthouse is the newest project to come through our doors. Perched on a hillside in Magnolia with panoramic views of Puget Sound, this unique project involves two separate lots, one for a main residence, the other operating as a guest house.
arch_BUILD LLC house guesthouse
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A couple commercial projects are brewing around the office, but as is usually the case, we’ve gotta keep things under the radar, for now. More to come soon, so stay tuned …
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Home in the Woods falls into that rare category of project, where the lot is undeveloped and beautifully wooded.
arch_BUILD LLC home in the woods 1
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The Desai Residence up on Queen Anne Hill is in permit review as we speak. For those in the Seattle area, this project is also on exhibit at UW Headlines (see below).
permit_BUILD LLC desai
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Case Study House 2014? This yet-to-be-named project on our boards is a case study less so for the architecture, and more so for the strategies around designing and building a project on a standard lot in the City of Seattle. Stay tuned for a blog post about this in the very near future.
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Innis Arden North is looking sharp as ever: concrete poured, walls painted, and exterior finishes near-complete.
build_BUILD LLC innis north 2
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Up on Beacon Hill, the Bell Residence is making progress, wrapping up siding.
build_BUILD LLC bell
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And just a bit further south, Lake Washington Residence is taking shape: full-speed ahead with framing.
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A little bit of office remodeling happened last month with a new overhead shelf installed to give our models a permanent home and display area.
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Madison Park Remodel finished up earlier this year, featuring one of our slickest staircases to date.
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Tinkering on the BUILDbot, our current model for Lake Washington Residence  is our latest experiment in hybridizing hand-built with bot-built. So far, we dig it.
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Nothing gets our archi-geek groove on like some serious research and spot-on graphics for a contributing piece in an upcoming issue of ARCADE Magazine.
diagram_BUILD LLC manifesto
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It’s been some time since we refreshed our branding, so with the current supply of business cards dwindling, we took the opportunity to update our business card design. This round is super-simple, double-sided, and extra-thick. Thanks to MOO for the sharp output.
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Our Laurie Hawkinson interview is out now in the current issue of ARCADE Magazine. Check it out in print or online.
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On our last visit to NYC we had the chance to sit down with the design powerhouse AvroKO. Look for the interview in an upcoming issue of ARCADE.
publish_Arcade AvroKO
[Image Source: AvroKO]

And finally, we just wrapped an interview with last week with Kate Ascher while she was in town promoting her latest book, The Way to Go: Moving by Sea, Land, and Air. With two previous infographic-forward books under her belt, the series makes for a great triad of coffee table books.
interview_Kate Ascher
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A year goes by fast. It’s already Spring again, which means Seattle firms give a glimpse into their projects on the boards (and not yet in the ground) at the annual UW Headlines Exhibit. They’ve been up on display as of last week, but the official reception is this Friday, April 18th.
exhibit_BUILD LLC uw headlines
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Last month closed off with another fantastic ARCADE Launch Party, introducing their latest issue 32.1 After Growth: Rethinking the Narrative of Modernization. The venue was none other than the glowing icon on Seattle’s Beacon Hill, Pacific Tower.
party_arcade 32.1
[Image Source: ARCADE]

Friend and local shop owner Peter Miller is proprietor to Seattle’s go-to bookstore for design and architecture books. Recently, we attended a launch event for his very own book, Lunch at the Shop, featuring simple recipes for freshly crafted mid-day meals. Available, of course, at Peter Miller Books.
[Image Source:  The Kitchn]

Beaux-Arts Village Residence continues its press rounds with a spread in Sunday’s Pacific NW Magazine.
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We’re feeling pretty honored that Sir Richard Branson mentioned our build-out of CreativeLive San Francisco in his latest blog post about dynamic office spaces. Also showing the CreativeLive some love this week is Barn Light Electric, whose fixtures we’ve used for several commercial projects.
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