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It’s been more than a little while since we’ve posted an On the Radar update. We’ve been pretty busy around BUILD World Headquarters, but we’re never too buried in work to stay inspired. Here are the latest people, projects, and perspectives that have caught our eyes and piqued our interest.

The news broke a few months back, but it’s worth another mention as we get more requests for high-tech/high-touch mechanics in their homes. Nest launches a sleek new smoke/carbon dioxide detector: Nest Protect.
-thanks to Fast Co. Design

design_nest protect 2

Meet master model-maker, Richard Tenguerian.

make_model shop 5

Though not open quite yet, there’s a ton of buzz surrounding Liz Dunn’s newest development project on Capitol Hill. It’s the highly anticipated new home for some of Seattle’s upper echelon in the food craft game. And aptly named: Chophouse Row.
-thanks to Seattle Met

develop_chophouse liz dunn
[Image Source:  Capitol Hill Seattle]

Beautiful, elegant architecture. Take a break and browse Grafton Architects’ portfolio.
-thanks to Ken

arch_grafton 2

Menlo Oaks 2, an Eichler home remodeled by Ana Williamson.
-thanks to Erin

arch_menlo 2
[Image Source:  Contemporist]

Klopf Architecture’s got some razor-sharp remodels of MCM homes.
-thanks to Michelle

arch_klopf 5

Don’t let a little burn zone get you down. There are modernist possibilities everywhere. And spectacular ones at that.

build_burn zone 7

Nerd Alert: Ever need to calculate a specific sun angle for a project (or for fun)? Look no further than Sun Calc. We’ve been digging the tool, and fine-tuning our diagrams as a result. Check it out, spread the word.
-thanks to Sandy


Manage your team projects in style with the super-slick Stepsie tool.
-thanks to Damon


Ever imagine if the Winter Olympics were held in New York City?
-thanks to Charles

diagram_nytimes luge

Insane Sci-Fi Architecture Personified. Because, why not.
-thanks to Fast Co. Design

In case the argument needed more support: Math is Beautiful.
-thanks to Angela

Warner Bros. presents: The Lego Movie!

An old WWII bunker gets repurposed along with catapults from a staid historical structure to expose a fresh perspective on material, site, and history.
-thanks to Sanne

dissect_bunker 4

Custom Spaces catalogs the sub-sub-genre of startup office design. We’re getting some of BUILD’s commercial projects on there, so stay tuned for more updates.
-thanks to Matt

inspire_custom spaces 1

Even the New York Times is getting in on the action covering design for tech. The trend is red-hot.

inspire_tech 6

One of the not-to-miss exhibits hitting our fine city this year: Beijing 1930 at the Frye showcasing the work of Isamu Noguchi and Qui Baishi. Running until July.
-thanks to the Frye


UW Headlines exhibit for 2014 kicks off in little over a month. For local firms interested in showcasing their works in progress, now’s the time to submit.
-thanks to Kris


Banksy in New York City.


ARCADE’s next launch event is on the books for March 27 at Pacific Tower. Issue 32.1 After Growth: Rethinking the Narrative of Modernization is guest edited by The Stranger writer and ARCADE contributor, Charles Mudede.
-thanks to ARCADE


Rick Joy speaks at UW March 5th. (That’s tomorrow, Seattle.)
-thanks to UW

lecture_uw rick joy

…And speaking of ARCADE, they’re on the hunt to add members to their board. And they’re reaching beyond the architecture in design industry in this round. Check out their official call, and let them know you want to get involved.

contribute_ARCADE board

Cheers + Stay Inspired, from your friends at Team BUILD