[Image Source: Alvaro Martinez]

Years ago, we were making our architectural pilgrimage to Bilbao, Spain, to pay homage to the Guggenheim Museum, when we came across a forest of lampposts outside the Bellas Artes Museum. It was a wonderfully pleasant surprise and we were fascinated by the piece. This brilliant and somewhat humorous result was achieved by using the most pedestrian kit of parts. It was as if a team of civil engineers had a design session after 5 or 6 martinis and then handed the working drawings to the construction crew with a snicker. That the entire installation was constructed from off-the-shelf department of transportation specifications is, perhaps, the best aspect of the installation.

[Image Source: Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao]

[Image Source: Clive Gross]

[Image Source: Alvaro Martinez]

[Image Source: Paul Dykes]

Today’s post is a simple nod to the inherent beauty of ordinary things used in extraordinary ways. Some of the best poetry is made from everyday words.

Cheers from Team BUILD