[Joe Kilborne, Jason Webber, Bart Gibson]

Completing a new project and getting the finished photos up on the BUILD website is always a great feeling. There’s a certain victory in crossing the finish line after the long and thorough process of designing, permitting, and constructing a project. And while we love the long-anticipated end result of a project, there’s always one thing missing from the finished presentation: all of the hard working individuals on the job sites who made it happen.

[Noah Frank, Robert Agostinelli, Aaron Nelson, David Hansel, Mike Abrahamson]

Ramone & Antonio
[Antonio & Ramon of Rivera 26 Remodeling]

Here at BUILD, a successful project involves everyone from Jim the excavator to Jason the finish carpenter. Exceptional end results depend on the entire team working diligently and intentionally together. Today’s post is pure gratitude to all of the people that make BUILD projects as successful as they are.

[The Scotts of Alexander’s Custom Homes Inc.]

These are the individuals we rely on day in and day out for their elbow grease and expertise. Being a reliable member of the team means a great deal to us and our efforts would be pretty lines on paper without each and every one of them. It’s always a thrill to visit the job site and work with people who are masters of their trade. Nothing earns our respect more than someone who has deliberately taken up a purpose in life and has become a skilled expert.

[Pete & Tom of Bell Electric]

Damir & Kumi
[Muki & Damir of Neric Pro BUILD]

[The Deerly Brothers]

Establishing these relationships has taken well over a decade now, and finding a good fit with the right people is central to how we work and how we live. Thank you to each and every person out in the field working hard to make BUILD projects a reality. We’re honored to work with you and to have you in our community.

[Nahn Truong & the painters of KT Painting Co.]

[Skyler Holmes]

Cheers from Team BUILD