The new year rolled in at full-speed for all of us here at BUILD, and we’re coming up for a breath of air to share what we’ve been up to the past few months.

Fremont Urban Infill feasibility and schematics¬†have been completed. We’re looking forward to seeing this neighborhood getting injected with a few doses of positive development.

Down in San Francisco, creativeLIVE’s newest outpost is undergoing demolition at this moment, and will be poised for construction very soon.

A couple residential remodel projects, the Madison Park Remodel and the Magnolia Remodel, recently went in for permitting.

Across the lake, Society Consulting in Bellevue is winding down with the construction of their office space, and we’re tying up the loose ends with interior finishes and details.

Also on the Eastside, the Beaux-Arts Residence is in the final stretches of construction, with finishes and details left to implement.

Permits have been issued for our Mid-Century Modern remodel on Queen Anne, and we’re gearing up for¬†ground-break¬†in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Tangletown Pizza is in the throes of  construction as we speak.

Work station prototypes for creativeLIVE San Francisco are in production. The crew at SPD is currently hard at work to get these ready for shipment.

The West Seattle MCM Remodel wrapped up last month, with a couple blog posts highlighting the spectacular results.

Adding to the Social Media platforms in our toolbelt, we’ve recently added a LinkedIn company page. Hop on and connect.

The quarterly ARCADE 31.2 Launch Party is on the books for March 8th at the brand new Bullitt Center, the greenest of green buildings out there. Look for our interview with Jared Della Valle featured in the issue.

Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine will be including the Massena residence in their Sunday March 24th issue. Look for it on your newsstands and online readers.

And last, but not least, we’re getting our own custom letterpress stationary!

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Cheers from Team BUILD