[All Photos by BUILD LLC]

It’s been dang exciting down at the Special Projects Division shop lately. There’s been some serious changes and an abundance of progress; best of all, it’s a great time to share the whole package.

A few weeks ago, we completed a full revamp of the SPD website. It’s outfitted with huge images of the beautiful cabinets the SPD team has been crafting. The new site highlights the cabinet making process and includes bio pages for each member of Team SPD. The site is also updated with the latest projects that wrapped up this year and it’s a great time to go kick the tires on the latest and greatest. A big thanks to liveBooks and their Scaler website format.

In addition to online updates, the physical shop underwent its own set of massive changes this summer. The SPD Shop moved into a new space (a couple miles from our former location), with a lot more room and significantly better street presence.

The new shop has lots of tools — serious tools — like edge-banders, sliding table saws with scoring blades and box clamps machines. Needless to say it’s a woodworker’s paradise down there. The new SPD shop also has a showroom, and with plenty of vehicular, bike, and pedestrian traffic out front, the attention has been notable.

To celebrate the new shop space and show off the SPD wares to our community, we’re gearing up for an open house in the very near future. Want a chance to check out the space and hang with the BUILD + SPD gang? Jump on our Twitter feed and keep an eye out for the guestlist giveaway.

Cheers from Team BUILD + Team SPD