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Spring may have technically arrived, as¬†evident¬†from the numbers on the calendar and the mind-games the sun’s been playing with us Seattleites the past month, however, we know better. The sustained days of ¬†blue skies and warm temps are still a ways off, which is why it’s the perfect time to get some serious warm-weather traveling on the books. The next trip in our queue is to the mid-century time capsule of Palm Springs. It’s a place thick with icons of California MCMs as well as a contemporary layer of modernism (and kitsch), making it an enjoyable spot for the design-minded traveler in search of some sun. We’ve compiled some spots worth checking out, and if you’ve got any recommendations that belong on TML, shoot ’em our way via the comments section.

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Palm Springs has an exceptional density of design-conscious hotels, which only enforces its modernist roots and its staying power as a desirable desert getaway. The list of modern hotels wasn’t difficult to compile. If anything, editing proved to be difficult.

Hotel Lautner, 67710 San Antonio St. (Desert Hot Springs), 760.832.5288

Ace Hotel, 701 East Palm Canyon Dr., 760.325.9900

The Parker Hotel, 4200 East Palm Canyon Dr., 760.770.5000

Del Marcos Hotel, 225 West Baristo Rd., 800.676.1214

Hotel Zoso, 150 South Indian Canyon Dr., 760.325.9676

Horizon Hotel, 1050 East Palm Canyon Dr., 800.377.7855

The Viceroy, 415 South Belardo Rd., 760.320.4117

The Saguaro, 1800 East Palm Canyon Dr., 760-323-1711

Though the desert geography would convince you otherwise, the food scene is growing here just as it is everywhere else in the country. And though we won’t get to fully enjoy all the new spots opening up in Palm Springs this year, it’s nevertheless encouraging to see some sharp, well designed restaurants and bars popping up.

Workshop Kitchen + Bar (August 2012), 800 North Palm Canyon Dr., 310.977.7018

Crave, 390 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.469.4587

Cheeky’s,¬†622 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.327.7595 and sister restaurant
Birba, 622 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.327.5678

King’s Highway (at Ace Hotel),¬†701 East Palm Canyon Rd., 760.325.9900

The Tropicale, 330 East Amado Rd., 760.866.1952

With recognizable names¬†like Frey, Neutra, and Lautner, Palm Springs is a hotbed of mid-century royalty, saturated with their iconic works. If you don’t want to spring for an organized tour, resources abound for you to venture out on the self-guided variety. Check these links.

*The Riviera, 1600 North Indian Canyon Dr., 760.327.8311

Frey House II, West end of Tahquitz Canyon Way

Sunmor Homes, Near City Hall

Park Imperial South Home

Alexander Tract Houses, 1070 Apache Rd.

Palevsky Residence

Loewy House

Wexler Steel Houses, E. Molino Rd. & N. Sunny View Dr.

Kaufman House, 470 West Vista Chino

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Palm Springs Convention Center, 277 North Avenida Caballeros, 760.325.6611

The spine of the art district runs along North Palm Canyon Drive, and it’s dotted with shops and galleries. We’ve picked out a few modern ones to hit. And, of course, there’s the main art museum‚ÄĒworth a visit for the architecture and artwork alike.
Palm Springs Art Museum, 101 Museum Dr., 760.322.4800

m modern Gallery, 2500 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.416.3611

Michael H. Lord Gallery, 1090 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.699.8957

The Space :: Palm Springs, 2612 South Cherokee Wy., 760.202.1555

Where to go for your modernist shopping needs? Three words: Palm. Canyon. Drive.

DWR, 830 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.322.8750

A la Mod, 844 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.327.0707

House 849, 849 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.325.7854

Christopher Anthony, 800 North Palm Canyon Dr., 760.322.0600

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