BUILD World Headquarters has been experiencing a busy couple months, but the time is ripe for another edition of On The Radar. There’s a serious amount of architecture and design brewing this spring, with a heavy emphasis on craft. We’re relishing it, and hoping you do too.

Cliff MayĀ ranch home portfolio.

After our post about what professors don’tĀ teach students in school launched, we got wind of a design studio at IIT in Chicago getting involved in theĀ nitty-gritty of architecture.
-thanks to Max

Mid-Century Modern Design and much, much more.
-thanks to Rex

Kochman Reidt + HaighĀ Cabinet–slash-puzzle box–makers.
-thanks to Linda

More design treats down the rabbit hole known as tumblr:
Bedroom Disasters

Ā The Archtivist

A Portrait of The American Craftsman. Incredible crafted goods sharply presented.
-thanks to Lou

Silva Panel just released a 3-ply Western Red Cedar exterior panel that weā€™re excited to get our hands on. It looks like a great application for a rainscreen and you can read more about it here.
-thanks to Mike

The community-minded outfit, WoodSmithe, recently finished LA’s newest coffeeshop for local roaster and neighbor, Handsome Coffee Roasters.

The Rising Table by Robert van Embricqs, a clever furniture piece for small spaces.

Sharp interiors by Gaile Guevara.
-thanks to Gaile

The Aviator minimal ceiling fan byĀ The Fan Studio.
-thanks to Prateek

Keep your footprint small, beyond your lifetime with the Bios Urn.
-thanks to Donald

Beverage faucets & filtered water faucets can be very difficult to find in a sleek modern aesthetic. We were thrilled to discover Brizo just released a design thatā€™s on par with clean modernism.

The RG2 Light Reflector by Industrial Electric Light Co.
-thanks to Robert

We love seeing architectural academia injected with the realities of getting things built. The students in IIT’s Design-Build Studio are doing just that. Check out their Barnsworth House project, currently in the fundraising phase.

Superbowl season’s over, but we couldn’t help sharing theĀ politics of footballĀ video. Complete with mid-century graphics.
-thanks to Charles

Graphics are more important than ever in presenting data clearly and beautifully. It’s refreshing to see we’re moving in the right direction. And the possibilities are infinite. The wind mapping beats theĀ ocean currents, in our opinion.
-thanks to Andrew

Exploring Exp.lore, a site that crisply-curates postsĀ on topics covering design, technology, culture and everything in-between. We’re digging this poster’s outside the matrix design.

Reasons for OptimismĀ keeps things simple with a matrix of images and captions, letting the user decide where to go.

Professional continuing education credits through online courses atĀ Solar Energy International.
-thanks to Alex

That covers it for this edition of On The Radar. Let us know what’s been keeping you inspired in the comments section below.

Cheers, from Team BUILD